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Synopsis: MAX wakes up in a fit from a nightmare. She calms herself and glances over at her girlfriend, LUCY, only to realize that she has vomited in her sleep. Max rouses her and helps her to the bathroom to clean up. During this tender moment, Lucy reveals some bad news: the doctors say her body is rejecting the heart transplant. She does not have long to live. Max is shellshocked, but her shock quickly turns to anger. She scolds Lucy for not taking her meds on time and thinks she should be more thankful for this second chance at life. Frustrated, Max storms out leaving Lucy alone.
Max finds her way to a bar to blow off steam and begins to flirt with a pretty girl. While Max is out, Lucy makes a shocking discovery of her own. While trying to carry a bottle of water from the garage, Lucy notices a hole in the wall. The mystery deepens when she finds a bloodied pipe, gloves and a t-shirt. Terrified, Lucy shoves the gruesome items back into the wall and debates her next
move. Hours pass and the developments are too much for her weak body; she suspects Max has done something awful but her strength fails her and she passes out. Suddenly, a hooded Max returns and wakes Lucy. Max heads to the bathroom and Lucy seizes the opportunity to leave. She flees to the garage but only gets halfway around the car. She notices a fresh smudge of blood. To her horror, Lucy finds the woman from the bar in the trunk of Max’s car. She is unconscious but breathing on a respirator. Lucy is transfixed by the gruesome sight. Max surprises Lucy and tries to explain, but a frighted Lucy uses her last bit of vigor to escape the garage. She doesn’t get far. Lucy tires out, collapses to
the ground, as Max pulls up behind her.
Cradling an exhausted Lucy, Max explains her actions. The chance that Lucy was going to receive a trans- plant in time was slim. So Max took matters into her own hands. She found a potential donor for Lucy and strangled her. She reveals that she has been emotionally and psychologically deteriorating ever since,
plagued by the cold-blooded murder she committed. Max finishes confessing and Lucy is on her last leg. As her energy slips away she asks how she can ever love her after this and the screen goes dark. We hear machines beeping as Lucy’s eyes twitch open. She is in a hospital bed. Her eyes widen in panic as she sees a fresh bandage:
against her will, she’s received a new transplant and yet another chance at life.







Run Time

17 minutes


Camilla Wolf (Max)
Gaia Passaler (Lucy)

Directed by

Molly Parnes

Produced by

Bethany Liles

Executive Producer

Camilla Wolf


Dan Watt

Prod. Company

Wolfpac Entertainment - www.wolfpacent.com


Wreak Havoc - United States - 2020

Best Actress

Official selection

Lady Filmmakers - United States - 2020

Wreak Havoc - United States - 2020

Horror Collective - United States - 2020

Burbank International Film Festival - United States - 2020

Country of Origin

United States

Production Year


Official Website




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