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Synopsis: QUINN is a young and passionate violinist. She spends hours each day either listening to records of the world’s best classical pieces or practicing them herself. When she receives an invitation to audition for an exclusive conservatory, her rehearsals intensify.

However, her headaches and dizzy spells grow more frequent and painful. Quinn and her mother SHERRY visit a doctor’s office and learns bad news: Quinn suffers from a rare form of Meniere’s Disease. It causes vertigo, headaches, and hearing loss. Soon, Quinn will go deaf and lose her only friend in the world: music.

As the weeks pass, her surrounding world drops into a low muffled haze. Quinn furiously intensifies her rehearsal sessions before she goes completely deaf. Eventually, she can’t hear the violin anymore. She breaks her violin and bow and gives up.

Sherry witnesses Quinn’s depression, so she spends their entire savings to buy a new violin and offers a note of encouragement: “Don’t give up your voice, too.” Quinn decides to take one last chance and auditions for the conservatory. Even without her hearing, she has the passion and precision to wow the judges and fulfill her dream.



Run Time

12 minutes


Talia Goodman (Quinn)
Milan Khali (Quinn)
Sherry Kear (Sherry)
Sharena Walker (Doctor Robertson)

Directed by

Isaiah Smith

Written by

Jake Thomas

Produced by

Mike Silva

Production Designer

Ken Heusey


Robin Pabello

Director's Statement

Working on this project from script to final cut has been a tremendous journey. The pandemic stretched our team, but we were able to come together and finish strong. I am a better filmmaker having gone through the process of directing this film, and I am so thankful and proud of all those who helped bring this project to life.

Director's Bio

In 2014, Isaiah moved to Los Angeles to expand his career in the film industry. His goal is to produce and direct his own films.

While in pursuit of that goal, he makes a living working as an editor and assistant editor on film and TV shows. Isaiah has worked for Steven Spielberg’s company Amblin, worked with esteemed film editor Richard Francis-Bruce, and has worked on TV series and films for companies such as Netflix, Disney+, and the FX Network. A few of his noteworthy editing credits are from Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Stories.

Today, he resides in the Los Angeles area living out his dream and passion of creating thought-provoking and inspiring films. He finds great joy collaborating with other like-minded people who desire to create projects that will make the world a better place.

Production Year


Official Website

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