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Synopsis: On March 1st, 2020, New York recorded its first COVID-19 case. Just nine weeks later, 12 healthcare professionals were asked to share their experiences fighting a new kind of war no one could have prepared them for. The country salutes them as heroes, but they’re also human. Their personal stories remind us of what humanity is supposed to be, compassionate.

Shot during the height of the pandemic in NY, All In My Power is a time capsule that captures the emotion and raw experiences of NY’s Healthcare Professionals that can never be recreated. A set of diverse HCP’s articulate the mental toll this pandemic has taken on them, and the amazing resilience they’ve harnessed to get through it. The film’s first-hand accounts are a testament to the lengths our healthcare community has gone through to provide care to patients and their loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic.



Run Time

97 minutes

Directed by

Chandler Clarke

Produced by

Lisa Edward

Executive Producer

Chandler Clarke
Bryan "Twz" Brousseau
Pier de Sanctis

Director's Statement

In March 2020, the world was put on hold; civilization was asked to avoid human contact and quarantine, but healthcare professionals endured a much different experience. As a New Yorker, watching this great state get hit hard by COVID-19 was difficult, but it inspired and I to create something meaningful, something that would stand the test of time and attempt to make sure the sacrifice of our HCP’s is never forgotten. We interviewed 12 HCPs in the month of May (only 9 weeks after the 1st NY case) and spent the following 10 months collaborating to bring this passion project to life. All In My Power is entirely self-funded, COVID-19 quarantine measures were adhered to throughout production and post-production, 24+ hours of testimonial interview footage was transcribed, 40+ TBs of 4K footage accumulated, a multitude of calls and google hangouts ensued, and in spite of all the obstacles, we created something we’re proud of and which we hope makes a difference. This film is dedicated to healthcare professionals everywhere; without them, there’s no telling where we’d be today.

Director's Bio

Chandler Clarke is an experienced director, writer, and producer whose work focuses on inspiring non-fiction stories from documentaries to commercials. He has created engaging content featuring some of the world’s most accomplished athletes, lifestyle brands, and more including the NFL, Red Bull, ESPN, Nike, CBS, Malka Media, Laundry Service, The Player’s Tribune, The CW, Merrell, MKTG, Tough Mudder, and Old Spice. His work is visceral; his films find beauty in the raw moments of both victory and defeat as he seeks to discover the humanity that drives his subjects. He crafts stories with a uniquely cinematic approach that brings viewers into the film’s world without barriers. Chandler is a graduate of Brown University and recently joined Sebring Revolution as their first rostered director alongside founder, Steven Sebring. All In My Power is Chandler’s directorial debut.

Production Year


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