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Synopsis: In a story that would hit close to home for many, Josh is having a hard time coming to terms with his break-up with Lola, and has a need to visit her. Will his unexpected arrival back on her doorstep help him bring closure, or will it open him up to more pain? As you watch this film, you’ll come to your own conclusions about the natural exchange that couples share – a give and take that you may take for granted, until one day it is no longer there.

Josh makes his way over to Lola’s apartment, carrying a box of her old things he found in his belonging when he moved out. As exes, their tension is palpable. Josh finds Lola sunbathing on the balcony and he walks over to “surprise her.” She is shocked to see him, inviting him inside to collect a few of his own belongings he left behind. In the span of the few moments they are together in this shared space, Josh discovers Lola is now living with a mystery man she cheated on Josh with, which is absolutely devastating and catapults him into the insane decision; “I’m taking the couch.” He pulls an entire couch down a flight of stairs alone displaying heartbreak and toxic masculinity all rolled into one. In an ironic twist, while waiting for his ride to show, Josh discovers who the man is that Lola shares an apartment and bed with now.



Run Time

7 minutes


Tabitha Brownstone (Lola)
Jack O Connor (Josh)
Dabier (Ben)

Directed by

Kaia Lavender

Written by

Tabitha Brownstone

Produced by

Melinda Brownstone

Edited by

Kaia Lavender


Gary Ravenscroft

Director's Statement

I grew up in South Africa with the “rhythm of Africa” ingrained in my bones, but I am now also an American citizen, triumphed over the immigration system on my road to citizenship. As a teenager, I was deeply concerned about the deep-seated prejudice born out of the Apartheid era and wanted to discover the underlying nature of human beings, no matter their race, gender or what we’d been led to believe.
I decided to use my art to help people discover themselves and each other – to learn about their own and others individuality and to foster tolerance for others.
In that vein, the first play I ever directed “FIRE” was a collection of stories what burns deep inside you, what drives you to live your life, what’s your passion, your goals? And to tap into that, rather than only viewing the outward appearance of a person or chasing the quest for an external fire – the sensations and motivations born out of others’ actions and purposes
Another project called “My Right to Be a Child” highlighted the human rights abuses of children in South Africa and explored the ways this was being addressed by different humanitarian groups.
Since then, no matter what the project, I have always sought to tap into what drives the individual in front of me, or how could I tell the story of one to inspire many.
From the age of 16, I always wanted to come to Hollywood in my journey as a filmmaker and find access to a broader audience. On my way to the USA, I travelled to many places around the world and crossed paths with so many different people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Since I’ve arrived in America, a confluence of all cultures, I feeI like I really belong here, but I am forever creatively enriched from all of my experience in travelling, and my roots are forever grounded in Africa.
And in my course of creation and storytelling, I will always seek to discover the spirit of a person that burns within, their fire inside, behind their eyes, behind their gender, the color of their skin or behind the language of their voice and the unfamiliarity of their customs.

Director's Bio

Kaia Lavender’s film career started in South Africa when she directed a documentary about the famous controversial choreographer Robin Orlin, closely thereafter moving into editorial on South African television shows.

As a director on the narrative side, with her stylistic realism, Karen has tapped into her raw, African roots, most recently exploring stories that show the reality of the real challenges that people face to survive, no matter how ‘normal’ people’s lives may seem.

On the commercial side, recently she has directed national TV and online campaigns for Ram Trucks, delving into the lives of real Ram Truck owners around the USA and Canada

Kaia’s work in directing and producing spans award-winning independent films, TV interactive/transmedia projects and commercials featuring fashion to motorcycles. She has developed projects for executive producers Bill Mechanic (Former head of Fox, Coraline, Hacksaw Ridge), Deepak Nayar (Bend It Like Beckham) and Conrad Riggs (Amazon Studios, Survivor, Apprentice). Brand clients include Ram Trucks, Ford, Hyundai, Yamaha Motorcycles, Wix, Microsoft, Target, PepsiCo/Mountain Dew, Skullcandy, Vans, DC Shoes, Cisco, Axe, Scion and the U.S. Military as well as ESPN, NBC, Discovery, BET, and GAC networks.

Production Year






@kaialavender @tabithabrownstone

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