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Synopsis: In this episode of Discover the Horse: The Aegidienberger a Gaited Horse Breed from Germany
Learn about the Aegidienberger Horse in this video about the breed!.
Filmed in Germany, featuring horses owned by Inge Windelschmidt.
About The Breed:
The Aegidienberger is a relatively new breed developed in Germany. They are a cross between an Icelandic and a Peruvian. Both breeds that are known for their natural smooth gaits.
The Icelandic Horse was the first gaited horse imported to Germany. One of the largest importers of the Icelandic Breed, Walter Feldmann Senior, learned about the Peruvian Horse on his travels and decided to cross the two breeds.
Creating a new breed in Germany is not very common and specific breeding standards were followed.
The result was a horse with 5/8 Icelandic and 3/8 Peruvian blood. The Aegidienberger was officially recognized as an independence breed in 1994. There are around 1,000 regisstered horses. They average about 13-15.0hh. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Their coat is less thick than the Icelandic, which improves their temperature tolerance.Their gaits include walk, trot, canter and tolt.
They are ridden by both children and adults and used for everything from Distance riding, Trail rides, Driving, Working Equitation, Dressage.







Run Time

03:22 minutes

Directed by

Alyssa Mathews

Director's Statement

Welcome to an
Amazing World of Horses!
Did you know that there are over 350 different horse breeds around the world? My name is Alyssa and I am on a Quest to ride every breed!

Director's Bio

About Alyssa:
Hello! My name is Alyssa. I am a lifelong equestrian and adventure lover! I grew up in a small town in northwest Wisconsin. No one in my family was into horses, but I was obsessed! I started riding lessons when I was five and from that point it was difficult to keep me off of a horse. 🙂

I became fascinated with different training methods, riding styles, and meeting new breeds. From pony express re-enactments on a Missouri Fox Trotter, to working with endangered Skyrian Ponies at a therapeutic riding center in Greece, my riding life was an amazing journey. Each horse had their own unique story and there was so much to learn.

The idea to ride every breed was a dream for over a decade. I had ridden over 30 different breeds in a wide variety of disciplines and I wanted to show the world what our amazing horses do for us. In September of 2017 I officially launched Discover The Horse!

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