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Synopsis: Every July, around 100 ultra-runners will line up at the world’s toughest foot race on earth. The 135-mile race starts in the Death Valley which is the lowest point in North America. From there, the ultra-runners slowly make their way to the highest point in the contiguous United States. The race itself starts at night with a 48-hour course limitation, The long distance adventure is a struggle of the body, mind, and emotions. It’s a gateaway for a reflection of the beauty that life radiates while feeling. In general, humans posses inmate tendency to seek connection with nature for personal benefits.


Drama, Sport, Inspirational





Run Time

21 minutes

Directed by

Linda Sanders


Derrick Lytle

Director's Bio

IRun4Ultra founder Linda Sanders is a producer-director, philanthropist, athlete, advocate, and mother. Her tireless work to improve conditions for children all over the world, particularly those living with ADHD, autism, and depression, has made her a fixture in the international running community, and her innovative documentary work is quickly building her reputation as one of the sport’s most influential promoters. As she looked for ways to advance her cause, Sanders was drawn to ultra-running, both because of her own experience in stage races, and because of her belief that the strength and endurance of distance runners in the face of pain and exhaustion is a powerful symbol for the challenges we each face in life. As she says, “If you desire to overcome your demons, you can transform yourself with running. You can be reborn with running.” It was with those words in mind that Sanders set out to produce the 2017 documentary Desert Around Me: The ADHD Epidemic, which set out to raise awareness for the modern epidemic of ADHD over-diagnosis, and to promote Applied Behavioral Analysis as a course of treatment for children with ADHD. The film follows a team of 5 elite runners in the 2016 Marathon des Sables, sponsored by Hope So Bright, as they work their way toward a 2nd-place finish in a punishing 156-mile race across the Sahara Desert in Morocco. During production, the team broadcast their progress to a rapidly growing crowd via several social media platforms, under the name “I Run 4 Hope.” When the outpouring of support and attention these platforms received didn’t end with the Marathon des Sables finish, Sanders saw a new path forward. She rebranded “I Run 4 Hope” as IRun4Ultra, and committed herself full time to using this new platform to entertain, inspire, and create positive change. Now, IRun4Ultra has produced four award-winning documentaries such as Euphoria, Indomitable and Barkley Sadistic Race. In only two years, with more on the way. They cover races and running events across the globe, and publish informative and inspirational content on their website. Their aim is to cement their status as ultra-running’s most prominent film and media production group, and with Sanders leading the way, there’s little doubt that they’ll reach the finish line.

Country of Origin

United States

Production Year


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