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Synopsis: Jen, 28 explores the more common forms of date rape and sexual assault. The two characters, Jen and Adam, stumble into Adam’s apartment after their perfect first date. They play a flirtatious dance with each other, share beautiful moments and truly connect. Once they make their way over to Adam’s couch, their intimacy goes to the next level. They start having sex, consensually, but then Jen asks if they can stop. Adam ignores her request and continues having sex with her, non-consensually. Jen is shocked by this and questions whether what she just experienced was truly rape or just a miscommunication. Adam suggests they walk to get a slice of pizza and during this walk, Jen confronts him about what he did. They start fighting and Adam denies that he raped her. The film ends with Adam revealing the reason behind his action.



Run Time

13 minutes


Jessica Sharples (Jen)
Bobby Slaski (Adam)

Directed by

Iyin Landre

Produced by

Jasmine Fontes


Alex Parrish


Hannah Getz

Director's Statement

Jen, 28 is based on a real life experience of the writer & star, Jessica Sharples. Here is her statement:

My journey with Jen, 28 started in October of 2018 when memories from a night I thought I buried long ago resurfaced. It was the night I was date raped. I began to understand that I couldn’t move on until I resolved the incident in my mind. Because it wasn’t violent and didn’t happen in a dark alleyway by a stranger, I kept questioning if it was truly rape or just a simple misunderstanding. As I dove deeper into this project, I discovered that 90% of the women in my life had also experienced some version of date rape or sexual assault. I realized that I needed to make this film in order to accurately show audiences an unfortunately common female experience and to open the conversation of consent. Yes, the “MeToo” movement helped make the subject matter less taboo, but we still have a ways to go before reaching a world free from sexual assault.

My goals with Jen, 28 are two fold: firstly, to depict the more common instances of rape and show that it takes more forms besides the horrific acts of violence we usually see in movies and TV; secondly, to inspire women and men to come together and continue the conversation of consent after seeing Jen and Adam start it on screen. This film is meant to create empowerment through awareness, open the conversation of consent, and make positive lasting change on the front of date rape and sexual assault.

Director's Bio

Iyin Landre has directed commercials, music videos, over 60 short films, and made her first feature in Brazil. Iyin was the winner of the 2019 Superlounge Diversity Award, where she gained recognition for her long standing #1minfilm per week challenge. Through her production company, Two Twelve Productions, she tells bold, gripping stories that push forward the narrative for women and minorities.

Production Year


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