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Synopsis: The film Longing for Áhkká documents a unique story of two blood related Arctic expeditions with a shared goal: to summit Stortoppen, the Áhkká mountain massif highest peak in Stora sjöfallet National Park, Sweden.

In 1921, Arthur Thelin got the chance to fulfil his long-lasting dream and participated in the first documented expedition towards Áhkká and Stortoppen. He depicts the experience in his journal and key moments are eternalised by legendary photographer Borg Mesch.

Exactly 100 years later, in 2021, professional freeskier Magnus Granér decides to repeat the expedition with his filmmaking friends, and follow in his great-grandfather Arthur’s tracks.





Run Time

78 minutes


Magnus Granér (Lead character)

Directed by

Gustav Cavallin
Jens Nilsson

Produced by

Johanna Lindborg

Director's Statement

I, Gustav Cavallin, see this film is a novel portrait of Swedens northern wilderness. A homage to nature and an exploration of our unique ability as humans to appreciate and love nature.

An exploration of how much a place or landscape can matter to us and how that love transcends through generations. How we attach our identities to these places and how they ultimately form who we are, and who our children become.

I reflect over what happens to people and cultures when these places disappear, become damaged and unrecognisable. I think about the many people that have already experienced this around the world. And I think about the places where these changes haven’t yet occurred but where they are now eventually doomed to happen.

We were not committed in throwing facts at our audience, but rather working with story and emotion. To let the audience make their own interpretation.

Director's Bio

Gustav Cavallin & Jens Nilsson have collaborated on film projects since they were in highschool studying space engineering. They started out making ski edits that became appreciated around the world.

Brands recognised their talent and enabled them to travel the world and keep creating their films. India Kash, Interpretation, Is There Time For Matching Socks and now their most ambitious project – Longing for Áhkká.

Today they are based in Stockholm working with their own production company The Bunch. In 2021 Sweden’s most praised film director and twice Palme d’Or winner Ruben Östlund saw their potential and are now their personal mentor.

Country of Origin


Production Year




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