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Synopsis: In a thrilling story inspired by true events, Joel Bernard stars as local grounds-keeper Michael, who unwittingly witnesses a neighbor’s psychotic break.

After a double-murder hits the neighborhood, Michael begins to experience a decline of his own believing the two events are connected. With an active investigation and a suspicious detective taking on the case, Michael begins to withdraw and develop his own paranoia as he harbors the truth. With a growing guilty conscience and no one to confide in, Michael feels that he must take necessary steps to protect an innocence he never truly lost.



Run Time

85 minutes


Joel Bernard (Michael)
Caroline Ryburn (Iris)
Larry Mihlon (Det. Burke)
Elyse Price (Linda Faure)
Keithen Hergott Hergott (Tom Faure)
Maximo Masefield (Jamie Fauer)

Directed by

Adam Engel

Written by

Jase Egan

Produced by

Vanessa Bontea

Production Designer

Vanity Rodriguez


Derek Mindler

Director's Statement

Filmed in my neighborhood of Kew Gardens/Forest Hills Queens, I was eager to do a deep character study using the lush backdrop that is unique to this little part of the city. I was eager to tell a story of a decent of sorts and follow a character into places that may seem very uncomfortable. Combine that with a sense of the impetuous and unnecessary determination of a guilty conscience and letting that fester in a small community… and you have a pretty gripping story; one I was eager to tell.

Director's Bio

Adam Engel is a film-maker from Kew Gardens who both produced and directed four feature length independent films; WINTER (2011), On A Country Road (2013), and Murder No. 3 At The Higgins Building (2014) and Mouse (2021). Adam has spent the better part of the past decade producing original works and is the CEO and President of TangoLight Films, his production company.

From a very young age Adam has been passionate about storytelling through motion picture. After years of attempting to replicate the masters with a VHS camcorder he borrowed from his father, he attended The New York Film Academy (NYFA) both in New York and Los Angeles. Subsequently completing a degree in Fine Arts, Adam created TangoLight Films, a production company with the sole purpose of telling extraordinary stories. Through both producing and directing these feature length films and years of experience behind the camera, Adam has been featured and prestigious New York festivals and internationally. Recently Adam is working on financing his next episodic series project (“untitled”) and feature film, “The Time Convention.”

Production Year


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