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Synopsis: Cindy’s new boyfriend is the source of all of Spencer’s sorrow. Just a few weeks ago Spencer and Cindy were in love, but then there was this new guy and now Spencer is broken hearted and seeking solace in the company of his best friend Nick, a wanna-be action movie star. Nick is doing his best to make a career in Hollywood as a tough guy but is hampered by a lack of acting skill or actual toughness. Spencer comes up with a way to get Cindy back and help Nick prove his toughness; Nick will confront Cindy’s new boyfriend Shea and use his acting to scare him outta town.

They set the plan in motion, finding Shea outside of Cindy’s and Nick hurls his best tough guy lines and it might have worked except it turns out Shea is actually a brutal criminal who quickly beats Nick into unconsciousness and kidnaps him. Spencer follows Shea home and spies through the window as Shea scares the truth out of Nick and then prepares to kill him.

Shea is distracted first by Cindy, who has arrived to break up with him, and then the police who have traced Spencer’s 911 call from his cell phone and then Spencer who has sneaked in to save Nick who then sneaks out to save himself. After the police are tricked into leaving Shea reveals that he plans to kill Spencer and Cindy anyway. However Nick has convinced the police there really is a bad guy and they rush back in to stop Shea.

Shea makes a run for it and comes face to face with Nick hiding in the back. This time Nick finds his courage and uses his best movie move to subdue Shea. Shea is arrested, Nick feels cool again and Spencer still loves Cindy who it turns out is already in love with somebody new. Somebody who arrives at the scene and Spencer decides to finish the original plan and threatens to kill Cindy’s new new boyfriend if he doesn’t leave town… who then leaves town.


Short Film / Action / Comedy





Run Time

23 minutes


Eric Stoltz (TV Hostage / 911 Operator)
Cameron Richardson (Cindy)
Oliver Cooper (Spencer)
Jack Plotnick (Officer Simms)
Darren Le Gallo (Nick)
Roman Mitichyan (TV Bad Guy)
Jeanene Beauregard (Officer Jones)
Sean Sellars (Shea)
Paul Kellner (Officer Burns)

Directed by

Robert Brinkmann

Written by

Sean Sellars

Produced by

Robert Brinkmann
Sara E. White

Executive Producer

Ann Hearn
Robert Lamkin
Trent Othick
Brian Tolleson

Director's Bio

Robert Brinkmann was born and raised in Braunschweig, Germany, and took an early interest in film. He made Super 8 movies in high school and spent so much time at the local revival cinema, that he was offered a job there. At the age of 15, he moved to Berlin because it had superior cinemas, and, after graduating early and at the top of his class, he moved to New York, where the cinemas were even better.

After watching over 700 films in one year, he continued his formal education studying film production at the University of Southern California, where he eventually specialized in cinematography. His final project, The Last Chance Dance, earned a number of awards, including the Focus Award for Best Cinematography, and landed the director, Phil Joanou, a place at Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment.

After graduating Suma Cum Laude from USC, Robert formed a production company with two friends, Cinescope Productions, and started to produce and shoot music videos, commercials and documentaries. Cinescope also produced hundreds of low budget music videos, which launched the directing careers of many accomplished filmmakers, including Jay Roach, Lance Gentile, John Schwartzman, and Harris Done.

Phil Joanou and Robert Brinkmann teamed up again for the rock ‘n’ roll documentary “U2: Rattle and Hum” as well as numerous commercials and music videos. At the time that he was hired to shoot the John Travolta movie Shout for Universal Pictures, he was the youngest DP working in the Hollywood studio system and went on to shoot such films as Encino Man, The Beverly Hillbillies, The Truth About Cats and Dogs, The Cable Guy, The Rules of Attraction, and Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny.

Through a publicity shoot in the early 1990’s, Robert met the photographer James Fee, whose work so inspired him, that the two worked together for 15 years; Robert sponsoring the artist and his work and in the process accumulating one of the premier photography collections in Los Angeles. Robert has donated portfolios of James’ work from his collection to The Getty Museum (Los Angeles), The Philadelphia Museum of Art, The George Eastman House (Rochester) and MOCA (Los Angeles) and continues to work on preserving the legacy of James Fee. Since 2011, he is also the Trustee of the artist’s estate.

Robert’s passion for film and photography remains undaunted and finds expression in various forms, from supporting young artists to making his own independent movie, Stephen Tobolowsky’s Birthday Party. What he loves best of all is being on the set and working in a fun and creative environment with fellow filmmakers.

Official selection

Cannes Film Festival (American Pavillion) - France - 2015

Country of Origin


Production Year


Sound Mix

Stereo LT / RT






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