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Synopsis: Alice, a 9-year-old girl who lives in the countryside, faces the separation of her parents and the departure of her father from the home. In reaction, she also decides to take her independence and go far away, in the sky, aboard a glider.







Run Time

20 minutes




Marina Delesalle (Alice)
Raphael Clouard (Léo)
Pauline Colon (Margaux)
Zuriel De Peslouan (Marco)
Eve Reinquin (The Mother)
Benoit Thiebault (The father)

Directed by

Pauline Pelsy-Johann

Written by

Pauline Pelsy-Johann

Produced by

Pauline Pelsy-Johann

Edited by

Guillaume Pavia


Leonardo Rizzi


Mathieu Kauffman

Director's Statement

I wanted to tell a personal story about my childhood. Even though the topic of divorce has become commonplace today, it is still a tragedy for children. I wanted to speak to children (and adults who experienced this upheaval in their childhood) who are going through this painful moment that changes their identity construction forever, to send them a message of hope and strength to face life. Thanks to courage, hope, friendship and poetry, all dreams are possible.

Director's Bio

Born in the countryside in France, she grew up intermittently between Paris and an island in Brittany. Her parents are actors, theater directors and writer.
At fifteen yaears old, she joined the Film studies Program at the High school Honoré de Balzac (Paris). She will filled the jobs of scriptwriter and director of the Film Diploma of her promotion.

In 2007, she got a Master degree in Film & Philosophy studies at the University Paris 7. Her thesis is entitled Twentynine Palms by Bruno Dumont and the Metaphysics of the borderline. She also graduates of a Master in Screenwriting, Production and Directing (Paris 1) and a Master in Comparative Litterature and Film adaptation at La Sorbonne (Paris 4). Her thesis was about The film adaptation of Wise Blood by Flannery O’Connor by John Huston. In 2012, after graduating in American studies and Film studies at Smith College (MA, USA), she went to teach French Literature and French Cinema in a University in China, in the Shandong region.

She returned to Paris in 2013 and resumed her activities as Film director and Film teacher in various organizations for a wide audience ranging 3 to 77 years old, in universities, private schools, like social organizations in parisian ghettos. Today, she teaches Film theory and practice at Smith College in the Junior Year Abroad Program in Paris and in the Master Documentary cinema and Visual anthropology at the University of Nanterre (Paris 10).

She writes and directs documentaries and narrative shorts and feature distributed in TV, theaters and festivals.

2009 La Renaissance ou la vie intermédiaire, 27’, Paramonti Productions, Cinécinéma TV. France. Documentary about History of Cinema with interviews of directors such as Quentin Tarantino, Claude Chabrol and Michel Deville.
2010 The Three Wise men – SOS Racism organization. 5’. France. Digital video.
Listen your body – Leage against the Cancer. 5’. France. Digital video.
Fade – Maybe. 5’. France. Music video.
2011 Under the Iris Eye, 5’, narrative short, comedy. 1st Prize CROUS.
Shadow of blue – David Angelo. 5’. France. Music video.
2013 A New Chinese Woman, 28’, Smith College and Yale University Archives, USA/China. Northampton local TV (MA), Télé Bocal (French local TV). Documentary which deals with the education and emancipation of Chinese women at the beginning of the 20th century.
2014 What’s up with feminism ? – French Ministry of Women’s rights & Smith College USA
Bilingual website with hundreds of interviews of women and men of all ages and backgrounds who give their own definition of the word « feminism ».
2018 The words between bars, 56’, Baiacedez films production, France. Distributed in French Theaters, Best Documentary Award (Mediterranean Film Festival).
This documentary deals with detainees from the largest prison in Europe, nearby Paris, who discover Literature and Poetry.
2019 The Seagulls Season, 20’, screenplay selected by European Short Pitch (NISI MASA)
Best Screenplay Award – Women In Film France, Women’s Writers Lab 2016.
2020 People of Chile Collection – Connaissances du Monde TV. France.
1. Chile : land of weaving and crossbreeding. 75’.
2. Arica : the Carnaval con la fuerza del sol. 52’.
3. The Tapati Festival of Easter Island. 52’.
4. Myths and Legends rapa Nui. 52’, with animation and motion design sequences.
2021 Over the sky, 20’, narrative short, Matsylie productions. France. Many awards.
A 9 year old girl, who live the divorce of her parents, decide to leave home far away, in sky, aboard a glider.
Tell me You love me, narrative short, 20’. In production : Youngwise Productions.

Country of Origin


Production Year


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