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Synopsis: 1. Gene’s 6th Symphony / Jordi Garcia / USA / Animation / 6 minutes
“Based on a true story, as universal as love.”

2. Where It Begins / Mohsen Asdaghpour and Amirhossein Talebi / Iran / Foreign Language / 24 minutes
“Upon the delivery of the lucky buttons, Ebraam‘s life is bewitched. With the company of his cat, Homeira, Ebraam is now an agent of justice.”

3. Fatih the Conqueror / Onur Yagiz / France / Comedy / 15 minutes
“He’s ready for marriage, she is not.”

4. Street Photographer / Zoum Dominguez Blanco / Venezuela / Foreign Language / 20 minutes
“Documents the photographic journey of Juancho Dominguez.”

5. Ilda / Jafar Mahyari / Iran / Experimental / 10 minutes
“Forced marriage leaves Ilda desperate and stuck between two deep paths.”

6. Scream Under the Ocean / Majid Mirhashemi / Iran / Experimental / 4 minutes
“The tables are turned in this fish story.”

7. Night Ride from LA / Martin Gerigk / Germany / Experimental / 5 minutes
” based on a real car ride, a love letter to the energy and vibe of the Californian way of life.”

8. Wheel and Desert / Reza Sabetpour / Iran / Drama / 11 minutes
“On his way back to help get water, his boss tells him “Someone was shot last night and is still on the run.” The game changes…”


Persian, French, Turkish, English, Spanish

Run Time

95 minutes

Director's Statement

1. GENE’S 6TH SYMPHONY / “The original animated short “Gene’s 6th Symphony” is based on a true story and was born with only six notes of music that became a symphonic magical story that defines true love and a life-long journey ending with a hope that lives forever.”
2. WHERE IT BEGINS / “We have always been captivated by the enchanting magical realism and folklore of our heritage. Our curiosity led us to delve into the idea of destiny and how it governs our lives, ultimately leading us to conceive the notion of the magical buttons in our debut short film.

We aimed to create an imaginary world within the boundaries of our reality, where we could highlight the moral dilemmas and complexities that arise when we try to control the destiny of others.”
3. FATIH THE CONQUEROR / “This Saturday is a Turkish wedding day at Espace Venise (France). Huddled in a car in the parling lot, Fatih, 21, wants to get married. He has set his sights on Ipek, Recep’s sister. But neither Murat, his best friend, nor Recep, nor even Ipek are aware of this yet.”
4. STREET PHOTOGRAPHER / “This documentary highlights the photographic journey of Juancho Domínguez, who due to different circumstances discovers, at the age of 70, photography as a means of expression and that little by little leads him to the rebirth of his own being, and to the reinvention of his artistic path.”
5. ILDA / “Ilda is one of Bakhtiari’s daughters who is forced to marry one of the sons of another Bakhtiari relative. she is very unhappy about this incident, she is desperate and stuck between two deep paths.
“Ilda” In a completely minimal and surreal atmosphere, the film depicts the mental flow of a girl who, according to the story of “Enough Blood”, is forced to marry a boy from another tribe.”
6. SCREAM UNDER THE OCEAN / “To fish you have to throw the bait into the sea. What happens if a person ingests a bait thrown from the sea to land?”
7. NIGHT RIDE FROM LA / “‘Night Ride from LA’ is based on a real car ride at night from downtown LA to the desert near Palm Springs a few years ago. I took the footage from the car by continually shooting single long exposure photos to document the ride of about two hours without any break. This technique condensed the whole trip to a flickering twirl of time-stretched movements and night light graffiti.

Physically and mentally it was an intense and painful experience, holding the camera uninterruptedly against the violent frontal airstream for such a long time. After a while, unexpectedly, time seemed to slow down and strange, vaguely coherent memories of the day came flooding back as a reaction to the persistant pain. It felt like a wild, psychedelic meditation.

‘Night Ride from LA’ embodies this unusual experience: the mixture of whirling, hypnotic night lights, psychedelic trance, and wild emotions. All mingled with a pinch of humor. A love letter to the energy and vibe of the Californian way of life.”
8. WHEEL AND DESERT / “Is everything spinning?
I think watching people’s decisions and actions in minimal spaces can be more effective.
This movie is the story of a human being’s change. A man who changes when he finds himself in a position of power. A man who chooses wrong between right and wrong.”

Director's Bio

1. GENE’S 6TH SYMPHONY / none provided
2. WHERE IT BEGINS / none provided
3. FATIH THE CONQUEROR / “Onur Yagiz (1986) was born in France to Turkish parents. He studied literature, theatre and film at the Sorbonne-Nouvelle University, before directing “Patika” (2013) and “Toprak” (2017). Fatih the Conqueror is his third film.”
4. STREET PHOTOGRAPHER / “Zoum Domínguez Blanco nació en Caracas el 12 de julio de 1973 en el Hospital Universitario de Caracas y estudió Comunicación Social, en la Universidad Central de Venezuela.

Cuenta con 26 años de experiencia en la realización audiovisual, y en su recorrido ha participado en centenares de producciones en los diferentes aspectos que comprenden la realización audiovisual. Ha sido productor, camarógrafo, editor y director de proyectos que van desde programas de televisión, entrevistas, reportajes periodísticos y documentales hasta cortometrajes, películas, videos musicales, corporativos, institucionales y comerciales.

Su carrera audiovisual se caracteriza por estar detrás de producciones que, en su mayoría, forman parte de la programación de canales de televisión, empresas privadas e instituciones públicas donde los créditos de los participantes son colectivos.

Pero la experiencia adquirida en todos esos espacios de trabajo, el estudio y la preparación autodidacta y el haber compartido con grandes profesionales del cine y la televisión le han permitido a Zoum desarrollar las habilidades necesarias para convertirse en un realizador audiovisual integral.
Como productor y camarógrafo, Zoum ha participado en importantes producciones, como el programa internacional Curiosidades al rededor del mundo, producido por Happy Face Entertainment y realizado en 1999 en diferentes países como China, Portugal, Dinamarca, Grecia, Italia, Kenia, Etiopía, Tanzania, y Ecuador, durante un período de 6 meses, dando como resultado 275 cortos documentales.”
5. ILDA / “Jafar Mahyari is the director of the Zendegi Theater and Film Company, a writer, director and theater teacher who has been working in this field for more than 20 years, and his scope of activities has expanded internationally. Most of his activities in recent years, except Iran, have been done in Germany, France and Canada. He had his first cinematic experience in 2020 with the making of the short film Engareh, and in January 2021 he made his second experience with the making of the film Haleh. He subsequently produced “the last ring” and “Ilda” in the same year.”
6. SCREAM UNDER THE OCEAN / “This is Majid Mirhashemi, an independent filmmaker based in Iran. I have a master degree in welding engineer in collage of Tehran. My interest in literature and cinema made me think about making films.”
7. NIGHT RIDE FROM LA / “Martin Gerigk (*1972) is a composer of contemporary music. His repertoire includes compositions for orchestra and chamber music, as well as several solo concertos. His compositions are performed nationally and internationally including in Korea, Japan, USA, England, Finland, Austria and Switzerland. In this context he works together with renowned international soloists and ensembles.

In addition to his compositional work he is known for his remarkable audiovisual art and experimental films which focus on inherent synesthetic connections of sound and visual perceptions. Besides creating interwoven aural and visual landscapes of music, nature sounds and video sequences one important aspect of his art is the illustration of the hidden poetry of nature phenomena and sciences.

His experimental films won several international prizes and were screened at noted festivals like Asolo Film Festival, International Digital Arts Festival Videoformes, Girona Film Festival, Salento International Film Festival, Columbus International Film & Animation Festival, USA Film Festival, New Jersey Film Festival, Sidney International Film Festival, Fargo Film Festival, Sherman Oaks Film Festival, Canberra Short Film Festival, Film and Video Poetry Symposium Los Angeles, Syracuse Film Festival or ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival.”
8. WHEEL AND DESERT / “My name is Reza Sabetpour. I am an Iranian director and producer. Graduated in the field of cinema in the master’s degree. So far I have made some short fiction films and some documentaries. My first two films were student works and class activities. which was never published. “Wheel and Desert” is my fourth short fiction film as a director and most my serious short fiction film.”

Production Year


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