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Synopsis: 1. Rain / Mahdi Barqzadegan / Iran / Animation / 7 min.
“Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.”
2. Launch / Vince Williams / USA / Drama / 20 min.
“Based on a true story, Apollo astronaut John S. Bull is determined to be the first man on the moon.”
3. Once I Passed / Martin Gerigk / Germany / Experimental / 10 min.
“Why did I make this film? The reason is simple: Whitman has created, with “Once I Passed Through a Populous City”, one of the most profound and unvarnished portrayals of human love – intense, universal and true. And it is this truth that I want to pay tribute to.”
4. Family / David L. Bradburn / USA / Drama / 4 min.
“What appears to be a random act of helping is really a familial one.”
5. The Small Hours / Melissa Pinsly / USA / Drama / 12 min.
” The film explores the isolating experience of being pregnant in the middle of the night when no one else is awake. Starring Sigi Ravet, who was 8 months pregnant when the film was shot.”
6. Liberty / Sara Khosroabadi / Iran / Foreign Language / 14 min.
“A woman decides to terminate her life in her own way but something goes wrong.”
7. The Savior / Soheila Pourmohammadi / Iran / Drama / 15 min.
“A little girl lives with her dad in a village. After losing her mom, she tries to save the fishes instead.”
8. With the Dawn / Reese Parquette / USA / Drama / 4 min.
“When the phone operator has a flashback, she realizes what her mission is, and calls the police.”


Persian, English

Run Time

86 minutes

Director's Statement

1. RAIN / “Maybe this animation is an adaptation of Roger Miller’s poem.
The story is about the forgotten place of human in nature. Sudden rain in a modern city tries to remind people of this, but they all prefer to be in umbrella cages. During this story, a little girl can discover a new world created by rain and find that she is the king of this new world.
I believe that the next revolution in the animation industry will be in the production sector. Today, software’s are evolving exponentially and providing many possibilities for filmmakers. This makes the amount of expertise and number of people to make each film much less, which results in a significant impact on the cost of production of each film. This trend started and continued after the era of 9 old men and has reached its maximum acceleration today. Managing this process is my favorite subject.
More than 90% of this film was made by me and all the people who collaborated in making it were 5 people. This film was made at a cost of $ 200 and only about 90 days.
I was also able to make a TV series on my own in my previous project! The first season of this project was more than 70 minutes of animation that was produced in 13 episodes.
I hope to enter bigger projects to develop my work.”
2. LAUNCH / “Based on a true story, Apollo astronaut John S. Bull is determined to be the first man on the moon. He and his wife Nancy are an unstoppable force, about to come into contact with the immovable object of the NASA training gauntlet during the pinnacle days of the space race.”
3. ONCE I PASSED / “Walt Whitman is one of the most important poets in American literature. His main work, Leaves of Grass, was written over a period of forty years, and describes human nature, society, and the natural world, both physically and philosophically.
Many have speculated about Whitman’s private life, to this day. Whitman never wrote publicly about his personal relationships. In 1860, he published his poem “Once I Passed Through a Populous City”, an aphoristic account of a romantic relationship with an unknown woman. In 1925, the original handwritten copy of the poem was discovered, in which Whitman writes, however, not about a woman but about an affair with a man in an anonymous city, which may have been his first physical experience of love. Whitman did not dare to publish the original version of his poem, because of the social prejudices of his time. To this day, only the altered version is printed in most anthologies.
“Once I passed” is dedicated, on the one hand, to the obviously autobiographical context with all its personal drama, and on the other hand to the content of the poem itself, the profoundly quiet, yet powerful story of two lovers.”
4. FAMILY / “The film “Family” deals on the periphery with an anti-bulling theme, but more directly with the themes of helping the “other” and seeing family as the community around us. It is based on a day when I saw my younger brother being beaten up across the field that lay between our school and our house. I was maybe 11 and he 7. In spite of not being an imposing 11 year old, I still went after the bigger of the two kids beating my brother up and that pretty much ended it. “Family” is that story set in 2018 with the brothers in their early twenty’s.”
5. THE SMALL HOURS / “One of the beautiful gifts that came with making this film was creating the score. I’ve always loved music, but because of my disabilities I could never figure out how to translate the music inside my head into something I could play until this film. I am proud to now add Composer to my resume.
As a storyteller my goal is to shine a light on the moments many of us experience, but don’t always have the courage to talk about in a public format. I want people to know they are not alone, that the weird, funny things we do by ourselves are something to celebrate. I believe in using humor to help us deal with our pain because when we’re laughing, we’re listening.”
6. LIBERTY / “A woman decides to terminate her life in her own way but something goes wrong.”
7. THE SAVIOR / “A little girl lives with her dad in a village. After losing her mom, she tries to save the fishes instead.”
8. WITH THE DAWN / “The man breaks into her building, and draws a gun out as he begins looking for her. The woman grabs the gun she intended for suicide, and now utilizes it for self defense, thanking God for something unknown to us.”

Director's Bio

1. RAIN / “Born in 1993/2/27 in Hamedan. Graduated with a master’s degree in architecture in 2018.
Freelance animation maker. Some of the most important work experiences:
*Supervisor at “Yas Animation Studio” in the years 2004 to 2008.
*Worked in the animation department of Hamadan Television Organization in the years 2008 to 2012.
*Director of the animation part of “Seram Advertising Studio” in the years 2012 to 2014.
*Director and producer of more than 20 short animations.
*Founder and CEO of “Photon Animation home studio” in 2018.
*Director and producer of “Tongeleh” animation series for TV.”
2. LAUNCH / “Vince Williams has been a full-time film professor since he was 25 years old. For over a decade he has simultaneously taught film and worked on over a hundred films and documentaries in crew various positions. Launch is crewed entirely by his students in an effort to show the power of education and how he has developed creatively over the years.”
3. ONCE I PASSED / “Martin Gerigk (*1972) is a composer of contemporary music. His repertoire includes compositions for orchestra and chamber music, as well as several solo concertos. His compositions are performed nationally and internationally including in Korea, Japan, USA, England, Finland, Austria and Switzerland. In this context he works together with renowned international soloists and ensembles.
In addition to his compositional work he is known for his remarkable audiovisual art and experimental films which focus on inherent synesthetic connections of sound and visual perceptions. Besides creating interwoven aural and visual landscapes of music, nature sounds and video sequences one important aspect of his art is the illustration of the hidden poetry of nature phenomena and sciences.”
4. FAMILY / “David is a writer, director and producer of independent films in Chicago. He started Fork the Man Productions to create films and connect independent filmmakers in Chicago. Bradburn’s films include “Superhero Me”, a finalist in the 2012 Beverly Hills Film Fest Writing Competition, and the soon to be finished “The Coming of Age” which was written by Northwestern University’s Film Department Chair, Dave Tolchinsky. Bradburn’s successful launch into Chicago’s independent film community most recently landed him assignments with Kenmore and FOX.”
5. THE SMALL HOURS / “Melissa Pinsly is an inclusive creator with a passion for writing & directing. She is a Tony & Drama Desk nominated Broadway producer, has produced on two critically acclaimed features (Ira Sachs’ “Love is Strange” & “Little Men”), and is the co-founder of Frankenmel Films. “The Small Hours” marks Melissa’s debut as a composer and third short film as a director.”
6. LIBERTY / “Sara Khosroabadi is a female filmmaker from Iran, she is in her 30s and director of some narrative shorts and documentary.”
7. THE SAVIOR / “Soheila Pourmohammadi is an Iranian female director & writer. She lives in Rasht, Iran and born on 12 Dec 1984.
1- Hate of the soil 2- Black umbrella 3- Olive slaughterhouse
4- Halaman 5 – Elegance 6- Wet Friday
7- The last sequence 8- June 9- Balanshin
10- Khos forest 11- Mom pillow 12- Siddius
13- Bird of the heavens 14- Commander Sadegh 15- Verma
16- The blessing of becoming a butterfly 17- Tsunami 18- Bright nights
19. Basil 20. Nothing special
“Bad Khak” company in the competition section of Khuzestan Festival
Honorary plaque of Gilan Short Film Festival for the film Hate of the Soil.
“Umbrella” film company in the competition section of Qazvin Film Festival
Second place and honorary diploma from the Red Image Festival for the film Black Umbrella
Appreciation of the Black Umbrella screenplay in the screenwriting competition from words to images.
“Olive Slaughterhouse” company in the competition section of the Red Gold Festival.
Appreciation of the Olive Slaughterhouse at the Red Gold Festival.
First place for directing the film Elegance from the International Police Festival”
8. WITH THE DAWN / “Reese is a Springfield-based film director/screenwriter. Since the young age of 7, he’s been interested in what goes on behind-the-scenes on a film. Now 22 years old, after a couple of worldwide documentaries and some short films, Reese is venturing into making feature films with one goal in mind: To make art.”

Production Year


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