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Synopsis: The writer called Death for a long time and it came. But it turns out that it is not so easy to leave this world, especially when Talent has recently returned to you. To die peacefully, you must first destroy it. But Talent is not ready to give up. Fear also joins the fight against Death, forcing the Writer to take a shovel and go digging…



Run Time

30 minutes


Tamila Nesterenko (Death)
Denys Korablev (Writer)
Artem Key Martynishyn (Talent)

Directed by

Oleksandr Yatsentyuk

Written by

Tamila Nesterenko

Produced by

Daria Drykina

Edited by

Tamila Nesterenko


Yevheniia Yevdokymenko
Adolfo Avila

Production Designer

Yurii Zhuravlov


Bohdan Kinashchuk

Director's Statement

Sometimes you have to compromise to live more comfortably. You have to give up on yourself, because circumstances demand it. And so you turn step by step from your path, and do not notice how you betray yourself. And betrayal of oneself always leads to destruction. Always. But no matter how far a person goes, I believe that it is never too late to return to the true self. Return Faith, awaken Hope in yourself, apologize to Love and live! Even when the Meaning is there or not. At least it’s worth a trying.

Director's Bio

Yatsentiuk Alexander Alexandrovich.
Born January 29th 1982 in the town of Sokal, Lviv region, Ukraine.
In 2000 he graduated from Yaniv Professional Art School with a degree in “Carpenter, wood carver”. After graduating he emigrated to Europe. He lived in Portugal, then in Spain until 2009.
From 2011 to 2015 he studied at the Moscow Institute of Theatric Arts, at actor-director workshop by VV Mirzoev. He started acting in movies in 2013. He starred in the following films: feature film “Southern Scenario” (working title) (dir. Mirzoev V., Hungureev Z.),feature film “Her name was Mu-Mu” (dir. Mirzoev V.), feature film ” Parsley “(directed by V. Mirzoev), film” Faith “(directed by A. Grachev) and others.
He played in the Moscow theaters “DA” and “Doc”, also took part in the enterprise by Mirzoev VV based on G. Pinter’s play “Homecoming”.
In 2017 he returned to Ukraine. In 2018 with Tamila Nesterenko he co-directed and shot a teaser for the short film “Life or… ” in order to seek funding for this project.
In 2020 he made his first short film ” There is Hope”.

Production Year


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