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Synopsis: After the death of their parents, two teenagers realize that they are left to make their way in the world, alone. In this rough and nostalgic reality of a society in wild stages of development, they lose their virginity and become adults… The film captures this moment in the destiny of two teenagers in present Vietnam as they face the rough but quite comic and full of nostalgia reality of a society in wild stages of developments.


Vietnamese, English

Run Time

84 minutes


Nguyen Phuong Linh (Mai)
Ngo Xuan An (Vinh)
Ngo Tra Mi (The blind musicien lady)

Directed by

Pham Siu

Produced by

Doan Quoc Khanh T&T Group


Tran Kim Ngoc

Production Designer

Nguen Anh Tu


Mello Jean-Luc

Director's Statement

The film does not base its narrative expression on actions but on their consequences. The intention is to take what happens to the fortunes of these characters in a city and revealing these situations in their metaphorical form.
By the two adolescents, adopting an attitude of “take what comes” (que sera sera) to their circumstances, is the main current which creates this lackadaisical approach to life. In addition, characters of the two white drifters envelop the film with an ambiance of huis-clos (dead end) with its dark but comic side in the parent’s house of the two adolescents. And, of course, the blind musician in an immense dilapidated house represents the lost universe of artistic and poetic old values.
Sexuality in this film is intentionally non-conforming. A willingness to normalize the sexual aspects is intentional. During adoles- cence, sexuality can be anything or everything. The sexual life of any indivi- dual belongs to his/her shadowy or luminous personal part; it is not concerned other people, nor for any society to judge.
Through my films, I would like to talk about the fate of people in this period. The global machine is in place, every single person in the struggles of daily life is proving that he is trying to adapt to be synchronized in the transformation of the new society. How do they manifest in the individual situations in which life has imposed them?

Director's Bio

Biography and Filmography: Siu PHAM
Born at Hanoi, Vietnam, studied Philosophy in Saigon, History of Art and Conservatory Popular of Music and Theater in Geneva. Lives and works in Switzerland and Vietnam.
Fiction Films
“We come into Life” 2019- 2020,
(ex-A Shade of Paradise), HAF, Project HK IFF selected (2014)
“On the Endless Road”, 2017,
Poetic Cinema Award, Queen World FF, New York, 2017, CPH Pix, Copenhagen, Djakarta IFF, DOCFEST Hanoi.
”Homostratus”, 2014
«Best Unique Vision» Award, Queens World Film Festival, Nominated Best Film, Best Director, Best Editing AIFFA 2015, Women International Film Festival Creteil, Paris,
Worclaw Five Flavours FF, Hanoi IFF.
”Here… or There?”, 2010,
«New Currents», Busan International Film Festival 2011,
Trophées Francophones FF, Osaka Asian FF, Madrid IFF,
Women International Film Festival Creteil, Regio Emile Italy FF, VietFest FF, DOCLAB FF, Hanoi IFF.

Production Year


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