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Synopsis: What do we know of the wife and child the Buddha abandoned on the night of his childbirth when he went off to seek his enlightenment? Yashodhara – The Buddha’s Wife brings this intimate, intense, and rarely told fascinating story to the forefront, offering a nuanced portrait of this compelling and compassionate figure. Witness her alternative journey to spiritual enlightenment.
Yashodhara is sitting in meditation as usual but today is different, it has been 12 years and she has come a long way in overcoming the truth of her husband ‘the buddha’ leaving suddenly in the middle of the night of their childbirth with no intimation and no indication… Today a flood of memories grips her, something is happening and she is reminded to be reaffirmed her resolve. Today is the day when he returns! A long pending healing conversation between the now enlightened Buddha and his wife takes place as he remembers he owes her this wisdom that he has discovered in solitude and away from home and what transpires is a heightened sense of oneness as he discovers she knows already what he knows and she did not have to abandon anything or leave the palace to get there. They both suffered in their own right and today is the healing that happens for both of them. They both walked the same path, and although they went different routes they ended up at the exact same destination. Wasn’t suffering then a… gift? Tagline: Suffering can be the biggest portal to enlightening.


English (One Musical song track is in Pali and One is in Sanskrit+Pali= Prakrit language)

Run Time

20 minutes


Nelly Munoz (Yashodhara (Female Lead))
William Carabano (Siddhartha Gautama The BUDDHA (Male Lead))


Andrea Scarsi
Bikramjit Singh
Shyam Lala


Stephen Cohen
Tisa Chigaga
Michael Gallo

Director's Statement

Yashodhara The Buddha’s Wife is the project of a lifetime for me. This is one of those stories that have been in the hiding for thousands of years and it needs to be told. This epic feminine figure, Yashodhara, has been part of my personal healing journey for over 8+ years. I have been researching this woman, Buddhism, the role of women, mythology, and all the historic data for 6+ years and it has taken me to many places and got me access to resources from many learned people on the subject. I wish to make this project into a massive episodic WEB/TV Series, a movie series, and a book as well in the times to come with all that I have collated and take people back to that era and time, the royalty, the culture, music, art, the epic scale of this beginning of the beginning. This short film is a proof of concept that shows 1 scene from THE HEART WRENCHING AND ENLIGHTENING LIFE OF QUEEN YASHODHARA. I hope it stirs open an inquiry about this epic character, what really happened back then, and lets the world see this story for the first time from her eyes.

Director's Bio

Neha is a multi-passionate creator. Filmmaker, entrepreneur, author, and commercial artist with over 18 years of storytelling background in the illustrious Advertising, Hollywood, and Bollywood industries, she takes on multifaceted roles as producer, director, and marketeer on projects and has garnered several accolades for her contributions. She is originally from India and is currently based in New York City. A filmmaking student for life, she loves Directing, Producing & Filming original content, short films, web series, features, advertising, social-cultural content, and anything that is creatively calling, spiritually nourishing, and healing. She is beyond excited and thrilled at the potential of storytelling and its capacity to help heal wounds of lifetimes, bring people together, open hearts, and raise consciousness. Yashodhara The Buddha’s Wife is a passion project for her.

Production Year


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