Available Nov 7th-9th and Nov 11th-14th 2022

1. Daily Bread / Manuel Sirgo / Spain / Animation / 8 min.
“An exchange student living in Madrid sets out to buy a loaf of bread, but finds herself lost in translation, making unexpected connections on her journey.”
2. A Winner / Mehdi Mahaei / Iran / Drama / 20 min.
“The story of a female filmmaker who lives and works in her mother’s greenhouse. After her film gets selected in a reputable film festival abroad, she is faced with problems to leave the country.
3. Eureka / Miida Chu / USA / Foreign Language / 15 min.
“A young indentured Chinese prostitute must overcome her toxic dependency on the brothel madam on the eve of the 1885 anti-Chinese riot in Eureka, California.”
4. Swole Ghost / Tim Troemner / USA / Comedy-Made in Illinois / 8 min.
“Vicky and Jake believe there might be a ghost in the house. Maybe. Whatever it is, it’s too weak to communicate. But maybe all this presence needs is a bit of fitness; maybe it just needs to get…swole.”
5. The Single Horn (Unicorn) / Mohamad Kamal Alavi / Iran / Drama / 13 min.
“A little girl goes to the amusement park to play with her friends without the family’s permission. Everything has changed when she returns home.”
6. Bird Lady / Carter Rostron / USA / Student / 17 min.
“In this short documentary, Kansas City the filmmaker explores the mystery surrounding a statue that has become known as the ‘Bird Lady.'”
7. Don’t Breathe / Milad Nasim Sobhan / Iran / Drama / 15 min.
“To exert more tyranny and suppression, the ruling power has done something to its dissenters that they exhale smoke when they breathe, and the agents must take into custody such people wherever they find them. Unaware of the law, a man meets one of the dissidents and it changes the course of his life, until he decides to immigrate to a better land with the dissident for a better life.”

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