• The Reunion / Återträffen

    Starting April 9th 2015
    Meet Anna Odell Live
    Receptions & Screenings

  • OPENS APRIL 24th

    Starring: Walter Perez, William Forsythe, and Adal Ramones

    In select theaters in Los Angeles Santa Ana San Diego | Houston | Austin

  • Mary Queen of Scots

    Coming May 2015
    Receptions & Screenings


  • Beast Paradise

    Coming June 2015
    Receptions & Screenings

  • The Dinner

    Coming September 2015
    Based upon the NY Times Best Selling Novel
    Receptions & Screenings

  • The Verdict

    Coming October 2015
    Receptions & Screenings

  • Sarah Prefers to Run

    Coming March 2015
    Meet Chloe Robichaud Live
    Receptions & Screenings

  • Jo's Neighborhood

    Coming July 2015
    Receptions & Screenings

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