7 Questions with:  BRENDAN MCCARTHY



Brendan McCarthy palm treeFFF: How did you become a film producer?
McCarthy: I was a musician, yes playing the guitar and singing but as the majority of musicians, did not make a lot of money. So I decided to take a real job, in the film industry to earn a living. I started as a trainee and did lots of different assignment, as for example; I worked as an AD etc… and through working on films I found I really liked movies and became very interested in them. Later I worked with the Irish Film Board, which really built on this interest…




FFF: Why genre and specifically horror?
McCarthy: When I teamed up with my producing partner John McDonnell we thought to find our own niche and identity in Ireland and we both love horror and genre film. Also, there were lots of talented Irish producers and most of them were producing drama and had already established them selves so we focused on our passion, genre films.




FFF: What do you like best about producing?
McCarthy: Finding a story that I can “see “play out while I am reading it. There is an instinct and feeling, I have a vision of the project early on and I start thinking about how I can produce it. I also like getting all the people involved, everything from finding the perfect director to the actors, financing the project and even scouting locations. My producing partner has a great background in physical production, which is very complimentary to my overall skill set of development and “packaging”. We try to create a team that we can have fun with while making the film. And it’s sort of magic to be part of creating something that was just an idea in the beginning and then watch it come “to life”…


FFF: You have also written two feature films that been produced, do you like writing more then producing?
McCarthy: I write because it’s fun and when I have time in between the films I am producing. My first film I wrote was “Wake Wood” and I was lucky as Hammer Films picked it up and sold it worldwide. The second one is called “The Cherry Tree”, set to release later this year. But I can’t say one is more fun then the other, I like both and currently I produce more then I write.


FFF: Fantastic Films have an Oscar ™ film under its credit, please tell us a little more?
McCarthy: It’s a live action short called “Six Shooter” that my partner John McDonnell co-produced and Martin McDonagh directed and yes, won an Oscar for in 2006.


FFF: What are some of your favorite films?
McCarthy: I have many, I love films but a few examples are; “The Exorcist”, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, “The Others” and “It Follows”.


FFF: What’s next?
McCarthy: We are currently in pre-production on a feature called “POV” to be directed by a first time director Dennis Bartok. I have known Dennis as a friend from when we both worked at the American Cinematheque (the Egyptian) Theatre in Hollywood. Years later, he presented me with a great script and we are now aiming to shoot it this fall in Ireland. It’s going to be fun.


FFF: Do you have a person on your wish list to work with?
McCarthy: James Wood. He is brilliant and we would have lots of fun making a film. Thank you Brendan and we look forward to seeing “The Cherry Tree” later this year !!


For more information on Mr. McCarthy and Fantastic Films please visit: http://www.fantasticfilms.ie

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