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EQUUS Film & Arts Fest 2020 VIRTUAL Event

November 13 – 29, 2020

Well, it has been a totally surreal year since we last visited with you, so let’s put our best “Hoof” forward and gallop into the new “Virtual” world of the 2020 EQUUS Film & Arts Virtual Event!

The wonderful part of this year’s festival is the filmmakers who have submitted their films from around the world will be able to invite their friends, supporters and crew members to our “Virtual” festival during our 10 days, along with an added ability to view, support and enjoy these wonderful films from anywhere in the world.

We will have a dedicated interview team headed up again this year by Diana De Rosa along with Julianne Neal, Candace Wade, Milt Toby and Lisa Mae DeMasi who will be reaching out to the filmmakers, authors, podcasters, and artist from around the world to capture their experiences of their film, art, podcast and writing process. We will give every creator the opportunity to digitally talk about their work with our on-line Zoom interviews.

So, in celebration of EQUUS Film & Arts Fest, we eagerly approach our Eighth season with the message “Pony On”.

The EQUUS Film Festival highlights and rewards the diverse and creative efforts of those who pay artistic homage to the horse.

Visit our website at www.equusfilmfestival.net and like us on FaceBook and Twitter.


Price: $99.00 $39.99


Every Ride Is For You

Every Ride Is for You is a story about the relationship between women and horses, as seen through the lens of three generations of women. It’s a story of love, and loss, and getting back in the saddle after being dumped hard — by a buck you never saw coming. It’s about connection beyond anything that can be explained.

Price: $7.99


Firefalls explores the reality of the world we live in today and depicts the devastation caused by humans on Earth. As an artist working for the cause of nature and wildlife conservation, Ariel Neo’s unique storytelling aims to blur the boundaries between man, nature and art while hoping to once again align them together.

Price: $7.99

Hope’s Legacy

Sometimes hope is all you need, but sometimes it can be hard to find. Faced with the death of her beloved grandmother, Lizzie now focuses on the farm, her horses and three day eventing. With her upcoming marriage to James threatened and challenged by a beautiful girl from James’s past, Lizzy must learn to stand on her own two feet but with Legacy by her side she can do it. It’s a competitive world but she’s determined to make it work in ‘Hope’s Legacy’.

Price: $7.99

Hozho In Beauty We Walk

Hózhó, in beauty we walk ” is a first part of documentary which plunges us into the mysterious world of the centaurs Amerindians: «the dineh of Arizona (People in Navajo).

Price: $7.99

Jean Michel Bazire

The movie follows the 2019’s winner of the Grand Prix d’Amérique into his preparation for the next meeting, the 100th anniversary of the race. He prepares three of his horses and we follow them through preparations, qualifications, and finally, the big day arrives… Will he win again?

Price: $7.99

Makkel en Verdi

He’s 1,72m high, full of a special kind of horsepower and can rival Usain Bolt with his own celebration after finishing a round… Dutch Olympic rider Maikel van der Vleuten’s Verdi is undoubtedly one of the most consistent stallions on the Longines Global Champions Tour and GCL circuit, with the 16 year old horse a prominent figure in the sport he’s competed in for over 12 years. We caught up with the show jumping superstar at his home in The Netherlands, where Maikel gives us an exclusive insight into the secret life of the very vibrant Verdi.

Price: $7.99

Met Pensioen

These horses lived in service to their humans. Now, the roles are reversed.
This film is made for a retirement home for horses in The Netherlands. They adopt elderly horses and give free education about their care.
English title; ‘Retired’

Price: $7.99

Over The Barriers

Horses for us, Kazakhs, have always been symbols of drive and victory. The story of the Soviet conquest of Olympus began with the legendary Absent. And now there are people and horses in Kazakhstan who are ready to storm the Olympic heights.

Price: $7.99

Riding Horses In Greenland

Travel with Equestrian Adventuresses to Greenland as they embark on a horse riding journey to meet the masterminds behind a horse riding tour in one of the most untouched places on Earth. Documentary filmmaker, Krystal Kelly also meets with Naasu and discovers what it’s like to be a woman running an equestrian tourism and sheep farming business in the South of Greenland.

Price: $7.99

Saddle Of Hope

The spirit of the horse is powerful force leading the way in this inspiring tale of Native Traditions honoring horses and how an epic journey of hope for the Horse Nation begins when an old broken-down saddle finds its way to a Kentucky barn.

Price: $7.99

Team Velvet Inc. Helps Kids Cope With COVID

The therapy horses of Team Velvet, Inc. give advice to children who are struggling to cope with being stuck at home due to COVID-19.

Price: $7.99

The Highland Wilderness Adventure Unbroken Horses

The Highlands

The Island Project was an adventure of a life time, I learnt so much during the month but it also left me a whole new set of questions! The horses didn’t need me on the island they were totally free but they did have a restriction….the water around it!
I wanted to now know what happens to a relationship if you travel on a journey, could I back two horses, be able to ride them and have them at liberty while traveling across the Scottish highlands, every step we took would be unknown, if I lost them they would literally be able to run over thousands of acres.
This film is about my journey, I camp out every night, film myself and carry all my kit and equipment. The aim is to cross the Scottish highlands coast to coast with two unhandled Highland Ponies (they hadn’t even been taught to lead before) it turned out to be quite an adventure!

Price: $7.99

The Wild Ones

Impact Pupil Referral Unit, in Bootle, Liverpool, provides a last chance for teenagers expelled from school to gain qualifications. This term, seven pupils get to leave the Unit to try a new way of learning in an unlikely sanctuary for rescued horses, in the heart of this run-down neighborhood. Run by local resident Bernadette Langfield, several wild ponies that she saved from being culled need taming. But these horses, like the pupils have their own troubled backgrounds and in order for a relationship between them to develop, both horses and teenagers have to first deal with their own behavioral difficulties.

Price: $7.99

Totilas The Extras

More on the rise and fall of a million stallion

Price: $7.99


UnReined is the story of an Nancy Zeitlin, an Israeli Equestrian champion who spent 10 years building the Palestinian Equestrian Team. Her personal life also reflects the turmoil of Israeli society; she married a Christian, an ultra orthodox Jew and then a Palestinian.

Price: $7.99

Wild Hearts

A mini documentary about the wild horses of Alberta.
There are approximately 1,700 wild horses left in the foothills of Alberta. Wild Heart asks, why is the government trying to get rid of them?

Price: $7.99

Wild Lands Wild Horses

America’s wild horses are in crisis.For centuries horses have ploughed our fields and carried us into battle. Caught in the crossfire over land use rights and a shrinking wild landscape, America’s wild horses are struggling to survive. Some still roam wild, but those thousands that have been gathered are held in government contracted facilities with little hope for adoption. 150 million acres of western public lands belong to all of us, and we can do right by its wildlife. But the issues are complex, and won’t be solved by shouting on social media. Join wildlife photographers Jamie Baldanza and Deb Lee Carson on their mission to document America’s most elusive herds of wild horses and examine their politically complicated lives. In the docuseries Wild Lands Wild Horses, beautiful cinematography is woven into exclusive conversations with scientists, ranchers, government officials, and wildlife advocates, who — despite their differences — all share the same goal.

Price: $7.99

EQUUS The Music Videos

EQUUS The Music Videos
Collection of 2020 Music Video Entries
Grow Up To Be Cowboys / Wherever I Roam
Walk Side By Side / God Bless America
The Heartless Equestrian
Past Music Video WINNERS

Price: $7.99

EQUUS Pony Collection 1

EQUUS Pony Collection 1
Collection of 2020 Short Video Entries

Awesome Gal / Equine Straw / Galloping Sunset Shadows
Managing Wild Horses To Extinction / Mustang Moments / Riding Liberty
A Cavallo Del Tempo / Stand And Deliver Santa
TEAM Velvet Helping Children Cope With Covid 19

Price: $7.99

EQUUS Pony Collection 2

EQUUS Pony Collection 2
Collection of 2020 Short Video Entries

Every Ride Is For You / Firefalls / Maikel En Verdi / Saddle Of Hope
The Highland Wilderness Adventure UnBroken Horse / Totilas – The Extras
Vanishing Knowledge / Wings Of Kyrgyzstan

Price: $7.99

EQUUS Pony Collection 3

EQUUS Pony Collection 3
Collection of 2020 Short Video Entries

Catching Mito / Managing Wild Horses To Extinction / Mustang Moments
A Cavallo Del Tempo / Saddle Of Hope / The Highland Wilderness Adventure
Urban Cowgirls / Where Horses Heal The Soul

Price: $7.99

EQUUS Pony International 1

EQUUS Pony International 1
Collection of 2020 Short Video Entries

Ay Antonia / Riding Horses In Greenland
The Wild Ones / Wild Hearts

Price: $7.99


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