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Synopsis: A collection of family friendly short films

Brazen – Mae Jemison – (0:03:30)

Directed by Huong Mai N’Guyen, Charlotte Cambon de Lavalette

MAE JEMISON, Astronaut (1956 – …) USA
Mae Jemison decided that being a Black woman isn’t going to be an obstacle to fulfill her dreams. She is the first Black woman sent to space. And the first female astronaut to play in ‘Star Trek’. If we believe, we can go far, really far.

This episode is part of the series “Brazen” which portraits 30 revolutionary women who wrote their own destinies and changed the world! Each in their own way, those Brazen ladies were out to tear down prejudice and bring aspiration and hope to the next generations.

Buttball – (0:12:53)

Directed by Maryll Botula

A coming-of-age tale focusing on Erin, a young tomboy in the fifth grade. The softball field, playground, gymnasium and math class are the battle grounds in which we see Erin struggle with her desire to excel while managing her growing crush on Jesse, a boy in her class.

Chums – (0:02:00)

Directed by Olivia Perkins

A metaphor for child predators and their grooming patterns, Chums is about Mack, a girl with a shark hoodie who only wants to be loved and cared for, who is brushed aside by her mom after she sneakily surprises her during a phone call. Left essentially unsupervised in an aquarium, she begins to follow her only friend Mega, a massive tiger shark, into the top of his tank.

Doubts – (0:03:14)

Directed by October Project

“Don’t believe everything you think.”
DOUBTS, a poem by Julie Flanders with animation by Phoebe Cavise, is both a light and serious reminder to believe in something better than your uncertainties. Conveyed with love and whimsy this short film is meant to shift and elevate the spirit of the viewer. A seamless marriage of word and image, DOUBTS is a philosophical amuse-bouche designed to please the mind and delight the senses.

Flap – (0:03:15)

Directed by Jessica Gallaher

Flap is 2D short about a girl named Harper who twitches and shakes her hands in order to engage with her big imagination. For the first time, Harper comes to understand how her hand flapping is seen in the eyes of others.

Gatcha! – (0:03:34)

Directed by Susan Huang, Stacy Moon, Nadya Sugiarto

Sho, a young Shiba Inu, learns about the ancient tradition of sacrifice from his sensei, a wise and disciplinary figure. According to legend, their kind must send away one of their own to appease the angry Gods outside their walls. Shortly after hearing this story, it is revealed that they are actually toys inside a gacha machine, and the “Gods” are just normal humans. One boy in particular, Tsukino, excitedly pays for a toy at the machine Sho lives in. Back inside the machine, the two toy dogs make their way up to the sacrificial temple. As they reach the top, Sho begins to have second thoughts about the sacrifice and makes a run for it. Sensei, fearful for the state of the village, rushes after him. As Tsukino waits for his toy to come out, he becomes more and more impatient. He starts knocking and shaking the machine, causing the toy world inside to crumble. Moments before Sho is crushed by falling pillars, Sensei pushes him out of the way. Seeing how Sensei risked his life to save Sho makes him see the true meaning of being a hero. Sho decides to fulfill his duty as “Hero of the village” and sacrifices himself. Once he is outside the machine, he realizes that there was nothing to be afraid of. Tsukino happily puts Sho, his favorite character, on his backpack and the two of them leave the store smiling.

Lilly Goes to the Dogs – (0:06:00)

Directed by The Bum Family

Lilly, a 10-foot tall orange monster, visits a the Victoria Dog Show, but her friend Fluffle gets sequestered in the mutt pen! Will Lilly take Best in Show?

Maybe (0:03:00)

Directed by Alexis Rosinsky

An item that feels loved, but is discarded, finds its way home.

Playing Possum (0:07:59)

Directed by Eliza Albert

While rehearsing their new production, a company of possums encounters more drama than anticipated.

Skip Her – (0:10:23)

Directed by Sara Key

Molly, soon 9, wishes for a Barbie doll for her Birthday . Her parents are having a good time, and she too wishes to grow up!
She wants to have a Barbie doll so she can dress her with clothes and shoes just like her mothers. Molly’s brother Peter is a nuisance and he is always trying to sneak into her room to try to steal her stored candy that she is keeping in a jar. Birthday comes with a surprise she has to deal with, in her own way, in the manner of the calm days of 1970´s.

Two Paper Nightingales (0:16:46)

Directed by Kaylin George

“Two Paper Nightingales” is an original fairy tale illustrated simultaneously from three distinct cultural perspectives. The story tells of two princesses who are torn apart by prejudice when the young princess fraternizes with a warring state. To be reunited, the women will have to discover that which is universal to the human experience and to adopt acceptance of all peoples.

Yuan Yuan and the Hollow Monster (0:06:30)

Directed by Catherine Chen

This is a personal story, with characters based on family members, and memories from Hurricane Katrina, Wilma, Charley, Ivan, and Frances from 2004 – 2005. The film centers the director’s younger sister and their childhood, growing up Chinese American:

Eight-year-old Yuan Yuan (Jackie) is determined to protect her newest pet, a tiny turtle named Lucy, at all costs. Even if it means chasing down a massive hurricane called the Hollow Monster

Run Time

89 minutes

Directed by

Phuong Mai N'Guyen
Charlotte Cambon de Lavalette
Maryll Botula
Olivia Perkins

Jessica Gallaher
Susan Huang
Stacy Moon
Nadya Sugiarto
The Bum Family
Alexis Rosinsky
Sara Key
Kaylin George
Catherine Chen

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