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Synopsis: A collection of short films that thrill & chill!

Ecclesiastes – (0:04:28)

Directed by Lola Rùi

Beyond our known time space the human being discovered the sacred code that made them immortal, covering with obscurity their days for ever…

Heartsick – (0:16:00)

Directed by Molly Parnes

How far would you go to save the one you love?

La Santera – (0:15:29)

Directed by Yerania Del Orbe

Graciela uses her mother’s faith in Santeria to protect her younger sister from a predator.

Leave Us Here – (0:10:06)

Directed by Miranda Sajdak

After fleeing home with her three children, a mother faces a difficult choice when her oldest daughter decides she wants to return home – setting off a dangerous chain of events.

Otttie – (0:07:06)

Directed by Paola Ossa

A young psychiatrist gets an urgent phone call in the middle of the night that changes his life forever.

The Basement – (0:08:56)

Directed by Zoe Gieringer

A young woman becomes increasingly obsessed after a strange occurrence in her basement.

What The Spell? – (0:14:39)

Directed by Krsy Fox

A girl and her BFF drunkenly cast a death spell on her cheating boyfriend. To their surprise it actually works, what the HELL do they do now?!

When Possible, Take a U-Turn – (0:11:00)

Directed by Patricia Kelly

Stuck in a slump after breaking up with her girlfriend, Maggie does a favour for a pal and transcribes court recordings. But one upsetting case grabs hold of her and won’t let go.

Run Time

88 minutes

Directed by

Lola Rùi
Molly Parnes
Yerania Del Orbe
Miranda Sajdak
Paola Ossa
Zoe Gieringer
Krsy Fox
Patricia Kelly

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