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Synopsis: A collection of short films.

Barrel Full of Magic: The Beethoven Story – (0:13:40)

Directed by Alyssa Kurtzman

A documentary on the rise and fall of Blake Caldwell, who purchased and subsequently destroyed the Beethoven franchise in the 1990’s.

Chasing Fletcher Allen – (0:18:19)

Directed by Jonathan London

Written by Heidi Cox, Jonathan London

Having lost her father at an early age, Heidi Cousins sets off on a solo book tour for her early memoir ‘Chasing Fletcher Allen’. Seeking an audience, she instead encounters hostile and confused fans expecting the 90’s TV icon Fletcher Allen.

Tired and frustrated, Heidi perseveres, determined to share her story. Her adventure puts her on a path to meeting a pro wrestler, a kooky pair of bookstore owners, a nerdy kindred spirit and the person she’s been chasing all along.

Delivery – (0:06:44)

Directed by Crissy Peters, Kenna Hornibrook

Fine, I’ll Write My Own Damn Song – (0:03:42)

Directed by Allyson Rice

A 56-year-old mom sends a comedic rap video response to her 25-year-old rap artist/musician son when he invites other family members to be in his music but not her.

Greg and the Tree – (0:12:14)

Directed by Diana Lanham

Just a guy trying to get his Christmas tree on the bus.

Holy Jail – (0:11:00)

Directed by Maria Lavelle

WINNER OF THE AUDIENCE AWARD for Narrative Student Short at Austin Film festival 2019.

“An elderly man gets the option of either paying his speeding ticket, or going to jail for five days. He picks jail and falls in love with life behind bars.

I’m Listening – (0:11:59)

Directed by Katja Korhonen

In the last hours of the night, Mirja, a Night Radio host, gets a call on the air of a possible end of the world. Soon this unexpected call starts bursting Mirja’s bubble in a way she never would have expected.

The Long Haul 100 – (0:23:46)

Directed by Christina Rosetti

What does it mean to push your body to its limits?
The Long Haul 100 follows Katie Rozar on her training and race journey to run a 100 mile ultra marathon for the first time. Katie approaches running from a scientific angle, turning her training into an equation to test her mental and physical abilities. As the race begins to weigh on her we see there is no perfect calculation but the drive to finish and a strong support system.

The Unorthodox Series – Castles In The Sky – (0:07:12)

Directed by Laura Barbato

“The Unorthodox Series” are
one-of-a-kind, chilling yet
symbolic story telling
adventures captured from first
person point of view, in order
to reveal all that glitters!

Welcome to The Unorthodox Series!

Step right up and take your seats, front row, right inside of the idle minds of some of the most cold blooded killers, disturbed psychopaths, and clinically depressed souls to have walked this planet! Temporarily, we will live their dreams, or nightmares, as we can only see what they see! And hear only what they hear! Can you guess who’s mind we may have entered before the ending reveal? Now hold on to your hats, folks. These rides are twisted!

“Castles In The Sky”

Enter the mind of one of the most prolific, cold-blooded killers as he falls asleep while reclined in a barbershop chair. The 1920s have never looked as horrifying as when his subconscious reveals his deep contempt for others, his darkest vices, and deepest fears all while unveiling his putrid plot for human destruction! Is this dream a premonition of what’s to come? Or is this man building himself castles in the sky?

Run Time

108 minutes

Directed by

Alyssa Kurtzman
Jonathan London

Allyson Rice
Diana Lanham
Maria Lavelle
Katja Korhonen
Christina Rosetti
Laura Barbato

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