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Synopsis: A collection of short films.

#YouToo – (0:10:09)

Directed by Merle O’Neal

#YouToo is a female-led story about a career-obsessed politician (Madeline Knoble) whose critical views of the #MeToo Movement are challenged when she becomes the victim of sexual assault. As Madeline uncovers a dark family secret, she’s forced to reckon with her past and confront a terrible truth that threatens her future. This film seeks to explore our complex and often hypocritical beliefs about sexual assault, and how they contribute to and perpetuate the cycle of abuse.

An Innocent Man – (0:04:57)

Directed by Jess Cope

The video is based on the well-known novel ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and set in the 1930’s. The narrative depicts a father raising his two children and teaching them lessons about the harsh reality of adulthood and racial inequality.

An Uncomfortable Woman – (0:13:34)

Directed by Meghan Ross

An Uncomfortable Woman is a dark comedy short film about Dylan, a 33-year-old woman experiencing a transitional period of her life. After the sudden death of her mother followed by the end of her long-term engagement, Dylan becomes obsessed with a foreboding thought: Don’t all bad things happen in threes? Sensing another tragedy lurks around the corner, Dylan must navigate her fear of being alone, the male species, and an unwanted house party, all while armed with questionable yet endearing support from her childhood best friend.

Dorris 85 – (0:11:38)

Directed by Grace Philips

While trying to maintain composure and a sense of normalcy in a tough situation, Dorris Havemeyer struggles to keep up her spirits while celebrating a significant birthday.

Funeral – (0:14:59)

Directed by Marie Vandelannoote

Julie, Jean, Justine and Antoine reunite for their brother’s funeral wake. An opportunity for them to gather and share their best memories, but also more painful ones. Between laughters and settling scores, they will not only bury a brother but also the convictions, guilt and an authoritarian family that caused, by its adamancy, the loss of one of them .

It’s a Girl Thing – (0:20:47)

Directed by Augusta Mariano

It’s A Girl Thing is an honest depiction of what many women experience in college. It is a female centric and female driven series that uses each episode to highlight a way in which women experience the world around them differently than men during their late teens and early twenties. It’s a Girl Thing follows Lily and Allie, two college roommates and friends, as they mature and learn more about themselves while navigating a college atmosphere filled with both subliminal and overt sexism. Through six roughly half-hour episodes It’s a Girl Thing tackles six main topics under the umbrella of gender inequality. We chose to focus not on the glaring issues of sexism, which are currently central to our national conversations around gender and feminism; but rather on topics that are more subtle and intrinsic to the ways in which men and women behave based on our societal understanding of gender. We also selected each of these topics because we feel that 18-25 years old is the time in which these topics are the most prevalent in the lives on women. For our pilot episode we focused on “ghosting.” Ghosting is a millennial dating phenomenon that occurs in relationships when seemingly out of nowhere, the communication from one person suddenly dissipates without explanation; often initiated by men in heterosexual relationships. During the pilot episode Lily and Allie both experience ghosting, but in two different kinds of romantic relationships. Both girls are left feeling heartbroken, rejected and disrespected. Through their experiences we examine both their personal feelings as well as the implications of ghosting on society as a whole.

Lancaster Park – (0:18:00)

Directed by Lynda Reiss

A single mother assumes the worst of her daughter. After destroying what she believes to be incriminating evidence she becomes lost in the desert where she learns that not everyone is as they seem.

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