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Synopsis: A collection of short films.

Daisy Desire – (0:11:55)

Directed by Léa Sassi

Daisy Desire is the story of 60-year-old literary editor, Daisy, who discovers that her husband Michael is spending his nights watching online pornography. Initially distressed and hurt, her journey surprisingly pulls her into a new world of seduction and self-acceptance. To overcome her insecurities, she will need the support of her two best friends and co-workers, Maribel and Nijma. With their encouragement, Daisy will find herself in the arms of David, a lovely midnight snack.

Darling – (0:09:04)

Directed by Hazel Sepenuk

Dementia affects many families in different ways. This short film tells the story of a man who suffers from dementia, as he tries navigate the disease.

Fallen Dream – (0:13:45)

Directed by Erica Bergsmeds

The short film follows Jessica, a young gifted dancer who is offered the role of a lifetime, but at what cost? Fallen Dream explores a ‘new angle’ on the ‘me too’ theme with women supporting women and men supporting women in a story where common challenges of a woman has an unexpected turn.

Let Your Sisters Be – (0:15:00)

Directed by Aileen O’Sullivan

Past and present secrets are revealed when two sisters return to a small New Zealand town. They discover they share a shocking connection with a young mother and her daughter. A legacy of deception is exposed as their natural and spiritual worlds meet to trigger a final and unexpected reckoning.

LOUISE – (0:18:00)

Directed by Natalie Camou

Louise tells the tragedy of how a young girl, in 1912 California, loses her mother just as she is beginning to understand the devastating causes of their estrangement.

Monsters In The Dark – (0:06:02)

Directed by Apollonia Thomaier

Monsters In The Dark is a 3D/2D animated short film about a young boy haunted by his abused past fears the love of his new family and runs away into a dark forest where he meets a monster that will change his life forever. A thesis by MFA student Apollonia Thomaier.

Scales – (0:10:28)

Directed by Robbie Barnes

A rape victim finds she now has scars that only she and other survivors can see.

Silence Undone

Directed by Kristjan Knigge

Written by Linda Jacobsen

Silence Undone is a short film inspired by the personal story of lead actress and scriptwriter Linda Jacobsen. She wants to spark a conversation around child abuse and mental wounds it leaves behind and offer hope and encouragement that living a full life and forming intimate connections is possible and that we need not be chained forever by our past darknesses.


When Sofie was a child she was sexually abused by her stepfather. To hide this fact, she keeps people at a distance.

Now, 20 years later, she is in love with Matthijs, but their relationship is on the rocks because she keeps pushing him away. The only way this relationship can be saved is for Sofie to open up, be vulnerable and trust Matthijs. But how?

Sofie enters the abstract, visually captivating world of memory and the subconscious to confront her past and face her inner child. She surrenders and re-experiences the moment where it all began and comes out the other side well on the way to learning to accept herself and trust others.

Titus & Mirabella – (0:16:00)

Directed by Melania Crisan

A romantic comedy about the first date between two quirky people who have never had a romantic relationship before but who desperately want one. A movie about fear and love.

Run Time

122 minutes

Directed by

Léa Sassi
Hazel Sepenuk
Erica Bergsmeds
Aileen O'Sullivan
Natalie Camou
Apollonia Thomaier
Robbie Barnes
Kristjan Knigge
Melania Crisan

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