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Synopsis: A collection of short films.

/// HALF – (0:24:26)

Directed by Militia Vox

/// An NYC artist, on a ‘trip’ to fully understand herself, chooses to embrace her other ‘HALF’- her dark side – by personifying her shadow self and engaging with her inner demons in an edgy, existential and surreal landscape.

/// HALF is a modern psychedelic, psychological, multimedia, visual feast featuring anthemic alternative rock songs with messages of existential themes, horror and female empowerment.

/// This visual album is “///HALF” of the concept record, THE VILLAINESS, in album order. All music, lyrics, video art, direction, performance, funding and production created by the artist, Militia Vox- the ONLY artist to ever do so- DIY to the extreme!

///This film also incorporates 2nd screen technology- lyric videos to be watched in real time with the film on your phone, tablet or laptop.
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+ CAUTION: This film uses flashes which may be harmful to people with light sensitivities. Viewer discretion advised.

A Different Kind of Animal – (0:10:58)

Directed by Emory Parker

An offbeat NYC dog walker fears that one of her clients—a dog—might be in danger. As the owner’s behavior towards the pet and and the dog walker worsens, she must decide whether to protect the dog or herself.


Etude (0:16:54)

Director/Writer Manish Khushalani

Writer/Producer Yifan Wen

The gruesome relationship between a 9 year old kid and her piano teacher and the way circumstances shape her future.

In Her Corner – (0:18:37)

Directed by Emma Cataldo

‘In Her Corner’ is an intimate look into the lives of three very different women who box. Boxing is about discipline, power, and movement. It is violent yet beautiful, brutal and refined for those who practice it. Delilah Ruiz, a mother of three, boxes professionally as “La Cobra” and yearns for a world championship title that is at last within reach. Dee Hamaguchi, who started women’s boxing at the Golden Gloves twenty-five years ago, continues to push boundaries of creativity within the sport she loves. And Maddie Roche, a rising amateur in the field, turns to boxing to alleviate anxiety and depression.

Loft202 – (0:14:02)

Directed by Antonette Trussoni

Loft202 is a narrative short film that depicts the vulnerability of a single female who lives alone. With high suspense and plot twists, this short film doesn’t pull any punches.

OPEN YOUR LIPS – (0:08:26)

Directed by Eleonora Ivone

A story begun and never finished.
A story caused by the most ferocious instincts of the human being and that is repeated every day.
It is terrible but 85% of cases of pedophilia occur in the family.
Coming out of pain and guilt is impossible for an abused child. Even the years cure the wounds.
And what happens in the abused child’s brain? And above all how does that child become an adult? Sometimes the desire to do justice alone for those adult children is the only way to go.
For those who have suffered the worst wrongs “there is no forgiveness and there is no revenge” there is only the desperate need to go further.

Sam & Emma- (0:15:00)

Directed by Vanessa Leigh

When their love wanes after a miscarriage, two heartbroken women try to piece together their relationship, highlighting the hardship and dysfunction that can arise from trauma and grief.

Sundays at The Triple Nickel – (0:12:51)

Directed by Jessica Colquhoun

On Edgecombe Avenue in Sugar Hill, Harlem, Marjorie Eliot is making sure her apartment building’s iconic jazz legacy lives on. Marjorie and her son have been hosting jazz concerts in her apartment every Sunday for the past 26 years, a pursuit of overcoming grief through music. This film tells the story of the women behind the piano, and how Marjorie’s generous vision came to be and the life it has taken on since, as she leaves behind her own legacy.

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