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Synopsis: “A Mother’s Soliloquy” is a visual music film revolving around the cyclical nature of addiction, recovery, and relapse.

Told without dialogue, Soliloquy combines contemporary dance with a nonlinear narrative, using the human body as its primary means of expression. The project incorporates an original score with stylistic world-building to create an immersive experience, travelling inside the mind of a recovering addict as she faces her temptation.

The film hopes to shed light on the emotional and psychological pain often associated with recovery, with the intention of generating discourse around those suffering from addiction. With millions afflicted by alcoholism, Soliloquy explores the inner psyche of those affected, spinning an abstract story of the road to recovery.



Run Time

6 minutes


Kamilah Barrett-Forster (Mother)
David Grannum (Son)

Directed by

Cameron Kostopoulos

Produced by

Daphne Daniels


Prateek Rajagopal

Production Designer

Jordan Fox


Lana Nguyen

Director's Statement

‘A Mother’s Soliloquy’ was born out of personal experiences with addiction at a young age. Growing up in a family disrupted by alcohol took a toll on my own upbringing, and seemingly kept my family trapped in an incessant cycle of relapse and recovery.

Inspired by my own experience, ‘A Mother’s Soliloquy’ aims to capture the violent, cyclical nature of alcoholism, and its disruptive effect on the family. Structured loosely around the 12 Steps of AA, the story sympathizes with those suffering from addiction, while attempting to explore the psychological toll that addiction may take. ‘Soliloquy’ presents a raw, visceral look at one woman’s decision to drink, portraying relapse with unapologetic honesty as we see the path to recovery cut short.

Told without dialogue, much of the film is communicated visually and abstractly, with the human body becoming its own unspoken form of dialogue. Through this abstraction, the film attempts to create a more layered, intimate atmosphere, allowing audiences to follow the story while simultaneously projecting their own experiences. The film combines a deep, electronic score with an experimental visual journey in order to tell a poem of grief, loss, and addiction, and a mother’s struggle to overcome her temptation.

I created this project in hopes of shedding light on the nature of alcoholism in a postmodern world. Despite touching the lives of millions each year, the effects of alcohol abuse are rarely discussed on-screen. Through ‘Soliloquy’, I hope to generate conversation about the struggles of recovery, and to relate my own story to the experiences of others. I hope to transport audiences into a new world, to take each viewer into an inward, psychological journey. I hope to speak directly to those who have been affected by alcoholism; those who face the daily struggle of the bottle, those mentally and emotionally hurt by its reach, and those forced to watch as friends and family suffer from addiction.

Director's Bio

Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, I grew up surrounded by cowboys, trucks, and homophobia. I now live in Los Angeles, where I enjoy not being gawked at for wearing nail polish.

I study at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, where I wrote and directed my first film, “A Mother’s Soliloquy,” which was shortlisted for the 2020 Student Academy Awards. I’m currently taking a break from Zoom University® to focus on my craft.

My work blends narrative filmmaking with poetic cinema. Coming from a background in dance films, my approach to filmmaking brings together unique storytelling devices – movement, dance, worldbuilding, visual music – to provide imaginative and thought-provoking experiences.

My willingness to challenge convention has landed me awards for Best Director, Best Performance, and Best Cinematography at various festivals. I learned early on that I don’t like tradition, and I’ve since committed to re-imagining storytelling through motion picture.

Through my work, I aim to give voice to stories and characters that have been undertold, while simultaneously sharing a part of myself with you; in hopes that we might share a small facet of this human experience togethe


Student Academy Awards - United States - 2020

Semi-Finalist (A Mother's Soliloquy; Cameron Kostopoulos)

Production Year


Official Website

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