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Synopsis: On May 1, 2009, Amy Jordan a New York City based former professional dancer crossed the street and was hit and ran over by a 15 ton New York City Express bus pinning her under the wheel, knocking her unconscious. As she regains awareness, she remembers having no feeling on the right side of her body. Her first thought, “Am I ever going to dance again?” Her second thought was “ If I survive the night there will be a Victory Dance ! “


Not Rated


English, Portuguese

Run Time

125 minutes

Directed by

Brian Thomas

Director's Statement

I hope people are just a little more … awake. I remember going on the subway and you know… you don’t know what challenges people are facing. Being with Amy and traveling with her on the subways… people don’t get up… and she’s got her cane and people just get frustrated with her as if she’s in the way. I feel for Amy, but also I’ve been on the other side of that where I’m in a hurry and you see someone coming up the stairs and you put your headset in a little further because you want to blow past them since you have to be somewhere… but honestly I just want people to have a little more empathy for what we are all going through as individuals. Because now that I have met Amy, my perspective on life and on humanity has changed tremendously.

Patience. Empathy. That’s what I am hoping to communicate with this finished work. The need for patience and empathy. And the story of an amazing person who has been triumphant through many struggles and is as beautiful inside and out as she ever was.

I know that I don’t walk down the street the same way or ride the subway the same way after meeting Amy. I”m a little more conscious and awake. Especially when those buses are coming… I’m like… STEP BACK.

If she can get up there and dance after all the obstacles she’s facing… I think to myself… what excuse to you have? Amy is living proof that anything is possible.

Director's Bio

Brian was nominated for an Emmy Award for his choreography for the Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Special and received outstanding recognition from the national academy of television arts and sciences (Emmy Award) for his 10 years working as lead choreographer for PBS series, Sesame Street in 2010-2011. He was the Creative and Associate Director for Cirque Times Square for Cirque du Soleil. Brian is also the Producer/Director/Editor of the documentary Amy’s Victory Dance by SpinKick Pictures a company he owns and operates and was recently selected on Reel Abilities Film Fest New York and had its premiere virtual screening in April of 2020. He is also the Director and Editor of the Short Film Dark Matter with Desmond Richardson as the main character. Brian is also in the process of directing another feature documentary entitled FollowLeadLOVE under Transend’Daens Production partnering once again with Brian Rubiano as the Producer.


Druk International Film Festival - Bhutan - 2020

Films on Disability Issue (Brian Thomas)


Amy’s Victory Dance is much like its subject, smart, funny, determined, enthralled by the arts and most of all inspirational. - Pop Entertainment,

Production Year


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