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Synopsis: Like a slow motion train wreck, we watch Detective Becky Rawlings plunge into the depths of alcohol psychosis and its grim consequences. Only when her alter ego slams head first into Rawlings does she start to accept the depths of her insanity.



Run Time

12 minutes


Brette Taylor (Detective Becky Rawlings)
Robert Bogue (Lieutenant "Samms" Messing)
Adam Hicks (Officer 1)
Marc Hockl (Officer 2)
Anthony Palmer (Rookie Officer)

Directed by

Brette Taylor
Jack Roberts

Edited by

Morgan Neville


Chris Hajian


Daryl Pittman

Director's Statement

I’m excited to share my passion short film “BABS!”
I think we all did a great job! The crew was incredible! We had 8 locations in a 4-day shooting schedule!..during a global pandemic! We were troopers! I’m happy we went for it!
More important than my career is another aspect of my life: I’m a clean & sober Brette Taylor. I have been for many years. That’s who I really am, before anything else. It’s the foundation of my life and it’s why I have written “BABS,” which explores dark truths and challenges that alcoholism and addiction bring to individuals, loved ones, and society at large. By making “BABS” we may help shine more light on the disease of addiction. 

Thank you for being a lover of film!

Director's Bio

Brette Taylor is the writer, producer & director of numerous projects, notably, her passion short film BABS, that she also stars in.
Brette was raised in New York City and is known for her work on both sides of the camera. She has worked alongside some heavy hitters in the industry; Pierce Brosnan, Julianne Moore, Stephen Lang, Denis Leary, Patrick Swayze and many more. Also a photographer for years, Brette takes pride in her edgy & visually stimulating works, which is why BABS was filmed the way it was. BABS is her passion project… her directorial film debut.
She recently wrote and produced a non-narrative short “THE FIGHTER”, which was later used as a spec spot for Everlast. Brette has been training in Martial Arts and Boxing for over 25 years!
She’s been eating & breathing the arts her entire life. Her parents were both in the industry…notably her Mom, Christine Parks, a seasoned actor and writer herself. They’ve written a feature, RETURN TO SENDER, based on their life story. Much of Brette’s artistic inspiration came from her Mom at an early age.
Brette is best known for her roles on the flipside of the camera, but has been giving “BABS” legs for years. “I mused on little chunks of dialogue; what was going through my head was intriguing. I needed to make this film! I was being haunted by its voice! I knew exactly what I wanted to do,” she says.
Next up, Brette is hoping to make BABS into a series.
Brette is the writer of many genres; including songwriting.

Production Year


Official Website


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