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Synopsis: Live Panel – Zoom
July 26, 2021
11:00 AM EST

Zoom Link (click on the title of the panel below to go to the live panel):

Blowing the Whistle on Propaganda Networks: analysis and studies of supression tactics against academics & scientists

Discourse analysis of media war violence on empirical reality – what happens when scientists and academics question mainstream media? The panel discusses tactics, violence, labels, and professional harm of American professionals who oppose dominant government reality narratives. Whether in journals, movies, books, or documentaries, each deconstructs a piece of the risks and attacks on the mystique of contrarian analysis and social critique. Join this panel of several brilliant American thinkers discussing current conspiracy theory memes.

Dr. Ed Rankin Ph.D.
Dr. Daniel Broudy Ph.D.
Dr. Rich Ellefritz Ph.D.
John Fraim J.D.

Director's Bio

Dr. Ed Rankin Ph.D.
Dr. Rankin returns to the National Whistleblower Summer with a new panel that broadens his expertise on “he Whistleblower Meme” – and how the CIA and dark state money designed and embedded personalized attacks on American whistleblowers 50 years ago. These quiet governmental and institutional methods have been used to organize and thwart critical analysis and citizen dissent of public policies and were greatly expanded in 2020. Globally recognized for his original Ph.D. research on the history of government attacks and tactics to marginalize and silence citizens who report government and institutional misconduct, Dr. Rankin’s research on whistleblowing as a meme is accepted as the classic study of whistleblowing tactics in America and around the world.

Dr. Daniel Broudy Ph.D.
Analysis of mass media symbolism and messaging to inculcates individuals with targeted behaviors, while discouraging non-dominant and alternative explanations.
Dr. Brody is a Professor of Applied Psycho-Linguistics (Graduate School of Intercultural Communication) at the Okinawa Christian University, Nishihara-cho, Okinawa, Japan. He is internationally published in various academic journals on Propaganda, also in expert studies on The Media War on Analysts [scientific and academic], and Big Tech/Data threats to human agency. He formerly worked with the U.S. Army NPIC. He has experienced both academic and career consequences after reporting material breaches of international law. Author “Messianic Mad Men, Medicine, and the Media War on Empirical Reality: Discourse Analysis of Mainstream Propaganda” and other writings for Frontiers in Communication, Synaesthesia Journal, Workiong Group on Propaganda, and the Organization for Propaganda Studies.

Dr. Rich Ellefritz Ph.D.
Research Professor of Sociology at the University of the Bahamas and the Naaasu Institute, Dr. Ellefritz writes extensively about a system of Voluntarism – how to analyze current political messages and the underlying headline violence in journalism. He teaches how to objectively analyze data and reporting to uncover the truth about what truly occurred – out of the prevailing news stories of our times. Author, “Kobe Bryant and Social Status”, November 2020.

John Fraim J.D.
Author, filmmaker, and screenwriter, Fraim brings a studied analysis of alternative thinkers in American literary society. He analyzes the diversity and symbolism used by independent filmmakers who challenge critical government narratives. His current focus is an analysis of how Hollywood heroes and heroines attack small pieces of corruption yet stay away from attacking the heart of corruption. Author, Spirit Catcher, the Art and Life of John Coltrane, Battle of Symbols, Script Symbology Column for Script Magazine; also Londonderry Farewell, The Full Sound and Fury, The Synchronicity of Classic Scripts, and The FreeNation Directory

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