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Synopsis: Ten years ago, four college friends set out on the Bluegrass Bourbon Trail to visit their favorite Kentucky distilleries. But their exciting adventure took a dark turn when a terrible tragedy struck, something that would haunt them for the rest of their lives . . .

Now, ten years later in 1977, the friends reunite for Gordie’s bachelor party. Keaton, his best man, figures there’s no better way to celebrate than to relive the good ol’ days by completing the Bourbon Trail. But ever since the tragedy in college, Gordie’s life has been especially rough. Their shared secret continues to plague him, and after being injured in Vietnam, he hit the bottle pretty hard. Now that he’s sobered up and gotten his life back together, he’s in no shape to visit a bunch of distilleries.

Luckily, Gordie discovers a way out during their distillery tour. He hears of the Bullitt Treasure — buried Prohibition money out in the woods of Bullitt County. And legend has it that the Bullitt Family protects the money at all costs. Looking for any reason to hop off the Bourbon Trail, Gordie plays the groom card, and soon the friends are digging for treasure in the middle of nowhere. But something much worse than the Bullitt Family awaits them in Bullitt County. This reunion has begun to erode Gordie’s years of repression, and that dark secret they all share is about to resurface in violent and terrible ways. Ways that may rip the friends apart for good.

Some things are meant to stay buried . . .


Not Rated



Run Time

98 minutes


Mike Nelson (Gordie)
Jenni Melear (Robin)
David McCracken (Keaton)
Napoleon Ryan (Wayne)

Directed by

David McCracken

Produced by

Josh Riedford

Edited by

Kevin Del Colle


Aaron Riedford


Sean McDaniel

Prod. Company

Mr. Pictures -

Director's Statement

Bullitt County is my first feature film as Writer & Director. As such, it’s an extremely personal project, although it may not seem so at first glance.

I’ve always felt genre films provide immense freedom to explore important and personal subjects. On its surface, Bullitt County is a gritty action/thriller, but this is all window dressing for a film that explores much deeper issues like toxic masculinity, nostalgia, alcoholism, violence, and repression.

(It’s still a fun movie, I promise. It’s got action, thrills, laughs, scares, twists and turns, shocks and surprises, bourbon, and guns.)

Following my graduate studies at USC, I started a production company with my best friend and producing partner, Josh Riedford. For our first film, we wanted to use elements from our shared experiences, themes and ideas we find ourselves endlessly exploring in our own lives.

As long-time friends, we know what it’s like to have pangs of nostalgia and to want to repeat the past but be unable to do so. We share a fascination of the history, tradition, and taste of bourbon. I was Josh’s best man at his wedding (I play Gordie’s in the movie), and Josh and I both have had our lives affected by alcoholism. And we shot the entire film in our hometown of Evansville, IN.

So in the end, Bullitt County may be a genre film with action and thrills and betrayal, but it’s a movie made with affection and care by hundreds of people who not only love making movies, but most importantly, love each other.

Director's Bio

DAVID McCRACKEN is a Director, Writer, Producer, and Actor. He earned his MFA in Film & Television Production at University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, as well as his MA in Creative Writing from Ball State University.

McCracken has achieved numerous honors, including USC’s prestigious James Bridges Memorial Scholarship for Directing, the Alfred P. Sloan Science Foundation Production Award, and his horror feature screenplay Stay at Home was a Semi-Finalist in the Academy Nicholl Screenplay Competition.

McCracken co-owns the film production company Mr. Pictures with his longtime producing partner Josh Riedford. McCracken wrote and directed their first feature Bullitt County, which premiered at the Austin Film Festival and was a success on the festival circuit, garnering six “Best Picture” awards. McCracken also won “Best Director” at the Hoboken Film Festival in New York.

Bullitt County theatrically premiered in AMC Theatres across the country, including LA and New York. Released worldwide by Gravitas Ventures, the film launched on over 100 VOD platforms, including Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes.

In the online space, McCracken works closely with popular YouTube personality Lindsay Ellis on her wide array of projects, including her NY Times Bestselling series of science-fiction novels, her ongoing YouTube videos, and the PBS series It’s Lit.

McCracken currently writes, directs, and hosts The Stephen Kingdom, a YouTube series with in-depth analyses of each of Stephen King’s major works. The series premieres October 2021.


Catalina Film Festival - United States - 2018

Best Feature Film (Bullitt County)

Hoboken Film Festival - United States - 2018

Best of the Festival / Best Director / Best Actor (Bullitt County / David McCracken / Mike Nelson)

Macon Film Festival - United States - 2018

Best Narrative Feature (Jury Award) (Bullitt County)

New Jersey International Film Festival - United States - 2018

Best Feature Film (Bullitt County)

Arizona Underground Film Festival - United States - 2018

Best Narrative Feature (Bullitt County)


Austin Film Festival - United States - 2017

Best Feature - Dark Matters

Hoboken Film Festival - United States - 2018

Best Screenplay - Feature Film

Official selection

Heartland Film Festival - United States - 2018

Long Beach Film Festival - United States - 2018

Highland Park Film Festival - United States - 2018

New Haven Film Festival - United States - 2018

Full Bloom Film Festival - United States - 2018


While McCracken delivers the requisite amount of explosive, blood-spattered Midnight Movie mayhem, and benefits from some seasoned Southern Gothic turns by [Richard] Riehle and Dorothy Lyman, he also injects the film with weightier observations regarding shared guilt and repression. - Michael Rechtshaffen, Los Angeles Times

Writer-director McCracken displays a sure sense of cinematic style in this sophomore effort, using split screen and other offbeat visual choices to enhance the tense storyline. . . it’s an impressive low-budget indie effort, boasting a strong sense of atmosphere that marks its writer-director-actor as a talent to watch. - Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter

McCracken is a sharp director of uncomfortable conversations and emotional assaults as well as beatings and killings. He, his cinematographer Sean McDaniel, and his editor Kevin Del Colle always try to present things in a way that's elegant and surprising but not pointlessly showy, in the manner of a classic Hollywood movie from a time when every camera move, even in bad films, was meaningful, or tried to be. - Matt Zoller Seitz,

For a small-scale suspense yarn set in a woodsy wasteland, Bullitt County packs a corrosive punch that weaves back and forth so decisively. McCracken's imaginative injection of perverse playfulness, desperation, and disillusionment make for a rare period piece that manages to balance its impenetrable shock value to a decent exposition of alarming forethought. - Frank Ochieng, Screen Anarchy

The occasional use of split screens, though certainly period-appropriate (in a film that never overplays its retro details), is a covert signifier of Bullitt County‘s divided story-telling loyalties and broader generic schizophrenia (including a very sly verbal allusion to ‘Mr Torrance’, that other aggressive, alcoholic male protagonist immortalised in The Shining, which Stephen King published in the same year this film is set). Yet McCracken manages to locate a genuine sympathy for his characters even when they are at their most devilish. - Anton Bitel, Projected Figures

Country of Origin

United States

Production Year


Official Website




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