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Synopsis: Why Do Horses Partner with Humans? Discover What You Are!One extraordinary night Esta dreamed of a mysterious gray mare named Lava Lady who spoke to her so rapidly that she was difficult to understand. When Esta woke, she was unable to shake the name Lava Lady and wondered whether there were horses in “real life” by that name. She located two of them—one living and one who had passed on. With the help of an animal communicator who attuned to both, Esta learned there was an urgent need in the horse racing world that had gone unmet—one that only she could fulfill.Changing Horses takes you through my very personal stories and lifetime experiences with horses, but also serves as a general informational guide about the souls of horses, spiritual awareness, transformation, and what I have found on my journeys when visiting the other side of the veil. It explores the body, mind, and soul of the horse in ways that I hope will enable you to apply their principles to your own life, help your own horses, and heal your deepest wounds.


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Director's Statement

What Is Equalia Actualization? – A unique experience combining all the elements of equine communication, natural horsemanship, and spirituality that bring you to a new level of awareness, an with equine awareness you can discover how to become a self-actualized, enlightened being. Through the teachings of horses, we will realize how much we have disconnected from our true nature, and that what our society wants us believe is nothing more than an illusion. What makes our educational experiences so special is the method by which we conduct our programs. Our highly individualized approach to equine learning, self-awareness, and oneness, can only be described as an overall spiritual awakening that is unique to each person which MUST be experienced first hand.

Director's Bio

Esta Bernstein, Founder of Saffyre Sanctuary, Inc. always knew that the horses were “calling” her to write a book and produce a film. But it was not until a series of events that the actual subject matter of these works would reveal itself in the most magical way. During her journey of the horse consciousness, and the unfolding of the horse’s message, people on the same path started to come into the world of Saffyre Sanctuary. Breathing new life into not only what Saffyre Sanctuary does and our understanding of why horses are here, the teachings of the horses solidified their foundation in everything we do and wish to accomplish.

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