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Synopsis: The beginning of the journey is often the hardest. But it’s certainly easier when we realize we’re not alone. At the very beginning of his journey, Richard is lucky enough to make an unlikely friend who knows exactly what he needs to hear.



Run Time

5 minutes


Newton Buchanan (Newt)
Richard Lyntton (Rich)

Directed by

Alex Kaplan

Written by

Alex Kaplan

Executive Producer

Brian Gallagher

Edited by

Josh Johnson


Matt Mahoney

Director's Statement

The first step in overcoming an isolating struggle is to develop a sense of belonging. Day 94 is a charming amalgamation of several pieces of wisdom picked up along our journeys of overcoming struggle and continuing on to constantly evolve. Life is not about learning how not to fall, it’s about learning how to pick yourself up better and better each time. Its about appreciating struggle as a catalyst for growth instead of a monster we should run and hide from. Always remember, you’re never alone and everything can always get better if you keep trying.

Thank you from all of us at Of Substance, where we’re turning movies into an approachable and captivating tool for healing, growth, and behavioral change.

Director's Bio

Alex Kaplan, a Philadelphia native and LA transplant, was trained as an actor in the University of Miami’s conservatory and transitioned to a career behind the camera as a producer and director for the past decade.

Today, Alex is the Co-founder & Executive Director of Of Substance, an innovative non-profit revolutionizing addiction and mental health treatment, education, and support, using premium entertaining short films as a tool for deeper healing, growth, and transformation.

After surviving his own battles with addiction, Alex recognized the power of story as a tool in his recovery, and found an exciting way to use his filmmaking experience to help others on their paths of overcoming struggles of shame & isolation.
The biggest thing he learned on his journey is that his issue was far less about using substances than it was about WHY he used substances; It was about shame, isolation, a fear of not belonging and a fear of not being good enough.

Alex and his co-founder Brian Gallagher built Of Substance to help us all recognize that we’re not alone in these feelings and to positively transform people’s relationships with themselves, others, and their beliefs in what’s possible.

Most importantly, Alex is now a proud husband, supportive member of his family, and a friend on whom others can lean, having risen from his struggles with addiction and refusing to give up.

Production Year


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