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Synopsis: Mia Guerrero spends her days finding creative ways to manage her alcohol consumption and the heavy demands of being a mother to young Emma. One fateful night Mia loses her child to Childrens Services. After falling deeper into addiction, the system gives Mia one last opportunity. However, she threatens her chances at recovery: when she struggles to see the part she plays in her suffering. With no guarantee that she will have her daughter returned, Mia decides to fight for sobriety even if sobriety is all she can expect in return.



Run Time

13 minutes


Celeste Sully (Mia)
Zipporah Shunise (Celene)
Joy DeMichelle (Judge Burns)
Anna Lena Pepe (Dalia)
Raelynn Robinson (Emma)

Directed by

Cynthia Garcia Williams

Written by

Cynthia Garcia Williams

Produced by

Cynthia Garcia Williams

Edited by

Cynthia Garcia Williams

Production Designer

Edward Luis Garcia

Director's Statement

“Dukkha” means suffering. What can be more miserable than the dark life of an alcoholic mother?
I gave birth to this film out of a challenge to write and direct a script that utilized the idea of Nirvana. My personal experience as a person in recovery quickly came to mind. I chased Nirvana throughout all my years of active addiction. Ironically, I attained some semblance of it in sobriety.
In addition, to writing and directing, I also edited and financed the film. I was able to bring my vision to fruition with a team of experienced film lovers. Most of the cast and crew donated their time. I would not have been able to make this film without them.
In post-production, we used color and music to help the audience feel the devastation that rock bottom brings. Color and music also amplify the sheer joy that comes when Mia learns that she can create a new life for herself and her daughter.
My wish is that this film will bring empathy and hope to whoever watches it.

-Cynthia Garcia Williams

Director's Bio

Cynthia Garcia Williams is a California native born to immigrant parents from Matanzas, Cuba and Guadalajara, Mexico. She found her passion for storytelling in the form of scriptwriting about four years ago. Her stories empower by celebrating how heritage, ancestral faith, resilience, and a little magic weave into our fiber.

In 2020 she founded CYNRG Entertainment a production company focused on telling stories that empower by celebrating humankind. CYNRG recently produced Tormenta, which Cynthia co-wrote. Most recently, Cynthia wrote a very personal script, Dukkha, for her participation in Women of Color Filmmakers Directors Mentorship. Dukkha, marks Cynthia’s directorial debut.

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