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Synopsis: In the near future, society has been divided into two clearly differentiated and delimited blocks in the space of each of the towns and cities around the world: the rich neighborhood and the poor neighborhood. Carmen is a teenager who lives with her father in an old house in the poor area. The father, due to an accident, lost the ability to walk, a situation that they try to hide from the rest of the people, since the father thinks that if it were known everyone would consider that his daughter is unprotected. Thus, it is Carmen who leaves the house every day to look for work and/or something to eat. Both on her way out and on her way back, Carmen talks with Cloti, the old homeless woman who lives in the small square in front of her house. Cloti helps Carmen as much as she can and gives her the same advice as her father: “never go to the rich neighborhood”. Her father’s former companions discover her father’s invalid state and threaten the teenager. The father kills the two men, but is wounded and dies shortly thereafter. Carmen buries him in the grave in the courtyard. Two policemen arrive at Carmen’s house investigating the murder of the father’s two companions. They try to rape the young woman and would have succeeded if Cloti had not killed them unceremoniously.

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Run Time

24 minutes


Teresa Gómez (Carmen (daughter))
Miguel Lorente (Father)
Andrea Luque (Cloti (old woman))

Directed by

Alfredo M. Gómez Vicente

Director's Statement

It is intended as a reflection on what could happen if the gap of social and economic inequality were to increase in such a way that two clearly defined and differentiated groups would be established in terms of social and economic level, occupying different spaces in all our towns and cities. I wanted to reflect the extra hardness that usually entails the fact of being a woman due to the deep-rooted macho conception that inhabits all types of societies.
It also intends to be an analysis, or rather an approach, to the psychology and emotions of the people who live in that society: what behaviors, what answers, what reactions -in that extreme situation- could human beings experience, each one according to their own idiosyncrasy?
Although the context and the actions of the characters carry and ooze the DNA of fatality, it does not pretend at any time to be a pessimistic vision of our future, but quite the contrary.
I intend, on the one hand, that visualizing a possible consequence of our current way of life, is a grain of sand that contributes to the change of consciousness that the human being has to experience as a first step to avoid the disaster that is looming.
On the other hand, I have tried to reflect my conviction that human beings (at least some of them) possess the necessary qualities to redirect society, that is, goodness and intelligence; and that it is up to all of us to fight to wrest power from the wickedness and stupidity that currently lead us.

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Director's Bio

The director

Alfredo M. Gómez Vicente. has completed several studies on screenwriting and film directing at different universities.
Teacher and high school teacher, especially concerned about Education in Values. In the centers where he has worked, he has implemented and coordinated the program “Cinema and Education in Values”, as well as several programs of Education in Values (coexistence, environment, equality, integration, social justice…) both for the training of students and teachers. Among the different materials developed to carry out all these programs, audiovisual works have always had a preferential place.

Some productions (in addition to the works made for educational and municipal institutions):

+ “Un balón para jugar”. Short film. Script, direction, production and editing. The script is based on a short story by writer Tomás Vte. Martínez Campillo.

+ Booktrailer of the novel “Esta será mi bandera” by Tomás Vte. Martínez Campillo (direction, production and editing).

+ “What is left of those winds of the people?”. This short film – which is based on a poem about Miguel Hernández written by Tomás Vte. Martínez Campillo – was screened in New York during the tribute days to the poet from Orihuela for the 75th anniversary of his death in October 2017 (script, production, direction and editing).

+ “Ante la injusticia”. Script, production, direction and editing. Documentary where the day to day life of several people affected by economic precariousness is portrayed (divorced mother,
a young graduate, a homeless person living in the street, an Arab migrant family).

+ “Father, daughter and old woman”. The present short film which to date has been selected in more than thirty film festivals and awarded in almost all of them in various categories: best short film, script, story, creativity and originality, main actress, supporting actors, music… Some festival have even organized an After-Film Discussion: film as an allegory of inequality.

Some courses and seminars:
“Seminar video editing”. Centro de Profesores y Recursos de Torrepacheco.
Course “Human rights in film” at the Training and Innovation Center of Orihuela.
Course “Introduction to film script” organized by the Miguel Hernández University of Elche.
Course “Direction and Filmmaking” organized by the SGAE (Sociedad General de Autores).
“Practical course on video short film” at the University of Murcia, Vicerrectorado de estudios y postgrado.
“Introductory course to digital computer editing”. University of Murcia, Vice-rectorate of studies and postgraduate studies.

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Production Year


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