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Synopsis: Live Panel – Zoom
July 28, 2021
12:00 PM EST

Zoom Link (click on the title of the panel below to go to the live panel):

Guardianship Abuses

Marti Oakely
Marsha Joiner
Christine (Kris) Dallas
Coz Whitten-Skaife
Mary Witten
Lisa Belanger

Director's Bio

Marti Oakely
Guardianship abuse activism and advocacy. 13 years hosting and producing TS Radio Network, featuring
shows on guardianship abuses, Whistleblowers, Hospice deaths and other topics. I work closely with
National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse and the ensuing theft of estates. I also collaborate with
Australian Association To Stop Guardian Abuse. Approximately 1.5 million individuals are under
guardianship today, with more than 365 billion in assets at stake. The predators want those assets. And
state and federal legislators and leaders pretend they know nothing about it

Marsha Joiner
Marsha Joiner became a prolife advocate after her Mom, Frances Souther was cruelly euthanized with a
drug overdose and dehydration under the guise of “compassionate” hospice care in Georgia in 2017. She
refused to accept that it had been her Mother’s time to die and sought the truth and discovered it was
happening worldwide via stealth euthanasia – right in front of families! These loved ones were not actively
dying and no consent was provided for these toxic drug cocktails!
After exhausting efforts to seek any sort of justice, she decided her efforts would be best served to warn
others of the dangers of blinding trusting what they were told by the medical profession – especially
hospice. She became a board member of Hospice Patients Alliance until it was dissolved in the fall of
2020 by the founder. She joined a facebook group titled Murdered by hospice and became an
administrator of the group which provides victim’s families to have a safe place to share their stories and
grief and help others avoid having their loved ones fall victim.
In 2019, Marsha joined Marti Oakley’s TSRadio broadcast to spread the word under the talk show
Betrayed by hospice. The guests on the show are victim’s families who are provided an outlet to safely
tell their story and warn others of the dangers of blindly trusting. Additionally many of the guests are
professionals (e.g. doctors, nurses, lawyers and prolife organizational staff…) who share their expertise
with the listeners on what they can do to avoid the pitfalls or escape if they find themselves in danger.
Marsha’s Mom’s story was published in Healthcare Advocacy and Leadership Organization which is also an excellent resource

Christine (Kris) Dallas
AASGAA (Australian Association to STOP Guardianship & Administration Abuse) is a growing formal
Australian organisation that intends to break the dangerous Guardianship Model that is not in the
interests of our loved ones and, one day, ourselves.
AASGAA was incorporated in 2018 after many victims in Australia grew tired of feeling powerless,
watching a well-oiled government racket (mainly at the hands of government and private law firms),
involving but not excluding Doctors, Lawyers, Social Workers, Public Trustees, Public Guardians and
Tribunals targeting loved ones for financial gain and even just to hasten their death (cost savings to
AASGAA is made up of many committed Members and Core Members.
Christine (Kris) Dallas is an Accountant and the Secretary of the group. She watched as strangers and
lawyers targeted a loved one (for legal reasons she cannot even name the victim, that’s how tightly
controlled the Guardianship System is in Australia) as he declined from dementia, how they isolated him,
used trauma-bonding techniques and fueled paranoia delusions against her and her sister.
The guardianship battle lasted 3 years.
During proceedings, lawyers and ‘new’ friends doctor shopped, ignored serious medical reports,
attempted to transfer property and were even caught signing loved one to new Powers of Attorney and
attempted to remove property liens. All met with SILENCE from the tribunal!

Coz Whitten-Skaife
I became aware of guardianship abuses in 2009. The crimes were committed in Montgomery Co
Pennsylvania. I am the niece of Harvey Whitten. Harvey’s story is shared at the NASGA website. After
Harvey passed away I made the choice to stay in the fight and to continue to speak out about what was
done to him. I am currently the Laison for NASGA in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Maryland. I am on the
C4 team with the Catherine Falk Organization. I am on the board of directors with the EARN Project. I
also am a co-host with Marti Oakley on blogtalk radio on Fridays for the In the Mix show. I am a bakery
owner as well in Madison Wisconsin.

Mary Witten
I was unaware of the blatant and routine abuses that take place in the court system, until my uncle
Harvey became a victim of guardianship abuse in Montgomery County, PA. This eye-opening experience
resulted in my meeting dozens of other victims of guardianship abuse, and reading countless stories and
testimonies from other traumatized people. I am currently the Liaison for the National Association to Stop
Guardian Abuse (NASGA) for Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina. Additionally, I have put videos
online to help spread awareness of guardianship abuse. I have my PhD in chemistry, have been a former
professor, a former employee at the Kennedy Space Center, and currently work at a shipyard in Newport
News, VA, aiding in the overhaul of aircraft carriers for the US Navy

Lisa Belanger
Lisa Siegel Belanger is an attorney whistleblower. A featured speaker in the documentary: Guardian Inc (produced by Alex Gibney of the series Dirty Money) that exposes the pervasive crisis of medical abduction facilitated through court-appointed guardianships. In 2015, Lisa filed a federal civil racketeering action exposing long embedded judicial corruption in the Massachusetts Probate & Family Court system, for which she has fought-and still fighting–the Massachusetts Bar Board and the judiciary.

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