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Synopsis: Horses have been a part of our (humans) lives for 1,000’s of years. They have carried us through many generations and moved from a mode of transportation, to battle comrades, to farm hands. We have a special bond with them because of our historical relationship with them. In present day we now see the horse moving into the ancient role of teacher, of wise sage. How so? Horses have been and always will be at heart wild animals, prey animals. The depend on their awareness of their environment for their safety. They depend on their herd (community), their intuition (gut instinct) and their non-verbal communication to keep the herd from predators. When we meet the horses in their natural environment, as close to nature as possible then they begin to ‘read’ us. To feel the story behind our words. To sense our bodies and what is going on inside of us. Our heart rate, blood pressure, breath and energy are all things that the horse senses and reacts to so they remain safe and sound. When we enter their space with a trained facilitator (someone that can act as a translator to the horses reactions) we receive valuable insight into what is going on inside of us. This information is then transferable into our everyday life and our relationship with others and ourselves. Horses live in authentic communities (herds) therefore they don’t judge us, they don’t lie, they are right and honest 100% of the time. And it is in that authentic community that they model for us ‘change’ and the choice to live our own authentic lives. The lives we choose for ourselves.


equine literature



Director's Statement

Are you satisfied with the trajectory of your life? Are you able to be happy in the present moment?
Are you able to communicate your needs/wishes/boundaries?
​Are you living the life you choose?

Director's Bio

Everyone has a special path, a unique voice, an authentic reason to be.

It is these core beliefs that have led me on my journey through life so far. I describe myself as a passionate and joyful human being. Life couldn’t be fuller and I appreciate every minute of it. Along with HorseTouch Life Design which specializes in Equine Facilitated Learning (of which I am a certified facilitator), I founded the community organization, Dreamation that bring the values and skills learned from the horses to diverse audiences and communities. I am passionate about sharing the horse’s voice and wisdom in any way I can. In 2014 I created, Equine Leadership. A magazine wholly based on sharing the wisdom and voice of the horse. It is now an internationally read and authored magazine in its 6th year of publication. In 2017 I had the honour of working for the Government of Canada for the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls. A role I undertook with great honour and respect. I am now a staff member with the Canadian Red Cross within the Emergency Management program. Another role I thoroughly enjoy and am honoured to be part of.

I have experienced many fabulous adventures on my journey through life so far. These include; mother, equestrian coach with my own farm for 20 years, working in the humanitarian field, avid traveler and lifelong learner in the field of human potential. I also work as a professional facilitator with positions such as senior facilitator with the Canadian Red Cross and partner facilitator with several EFL farms and professionals.

My life mission: to create positive and peaceful change in the world while inspiring & supporting others to do
the same by inspiring compassion and enhancing the evolution of the human heart.

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