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Synopsis: Jade and Sarah, two eco-friendly millennials performance artists (and lifelong best friends), have officially been kicked out of every venue in New York City. In a falling out that almost ends their partnership, they agree to try one last route to spread their message of climate activism and wellness: becoming influencers. It might be crazy, and they might not be very good at it, but it just might work.





Run Time

6 minutes


Jade Zaroff (Jade)
Sarah Franco (Sarah)
Donna Morales (Neighbor)
Elliot Masters (Policeman 1)
Julian Sky (Policeman 2)

Directed by

Sarah Franco

Written by

Sarah Franco
Kendall Close

Produced by

Michael Pizzano
Erik Kandefer

Executive Producer

Jade Zaroff
Sarah Franco


Erik Kandefer

Director's Statement

Four years ago, Jade Zaroff, Nonprofit CEO and known activist from my college, approached me with a challenge: Can you write something that makes climate activism and eco-friendliness not only approachable to young people, but make it funny?

The first words out of my mouth were: can I make fun of you?

The current approach to addressing climate change is in itself entirely unapproachable. The well-meaning “WAKE UP PEOPLE” method has back-fired, as the people they’re trying to reach get intimidated by the dire state of the situation.

I wrote and directed Jade & Jaded with a phrase in mind, “sneaky educational”. I fully believe that, in order to get the information across, we had to bury it in a hilarious and familiar narrative. Thus, we have our Broad City-style activists, Sarah and Jade (on the nose perhaps but that’s not the point). If any of our audience members take any information away from our show – about recycling, making kombucha, the harms of plastic – I will have achieved Jade’s mission. If any person giggled, even once, i will have fulfilled mine.

Please enjoy, and hug your mother (earth)!

Director's Bio

Sarah Franco is an actress, writer, comedian, director, musician, voice over artist, native New Yorker, an artisan donut enthusiast, and a writer of overdrawn lists. A graduate of Emerson College, Sarah has since written on and acted in a number of projects, notably, she is the show runner of this eco-friendly web comedy, JADE AND JADED. Sarah is also an audiobook narrator, and can be heard in the upcoming Audible exclusive “A Game Of Fox & Squirrels” by Jenn Reese. For more, visit

Production Year


Official Website



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