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Synopsis: An extreme winter storm paralyzes Munich. In the middle of it, three women live together, sharing the rent in the overpriced metropolis. ALINA, heavily pregnant, waits in vain for a call back from the father-to-be. CHRISTA can’t go to work because of the raging storm. She was a famous skier, but now has an amputated leg. Talking to her about it’s a bad idea. LUCY, who owns the apartment, cares the least about consideration. She is overjoyed in love and is looking forward to a day in the warm with her beautiful friend JESSICA. The latter is a quiet and sensitive listener, who wonders about the relentless war of words between the women in the flat-sharing community. Nevertheless, the morning could pass quietly. If it weren’t for the looming black ice and Alina going into labor right now. No cab, no ambulance can pick her up. The neighbor MELISSA, hovering in esoteric realms, can’t move her car either. They are all locked in the apartment. And yet Alina’s mother, FR. HARTMAIER, trudges to the WG. Which leads to several more conflicts. They all get on each other’s nerves. Alina’s contractions get very painful and to make matters worse, the power goes out. The mood tips from tangible arguments to emotionally charged confessions. Until Alina can’t take it anymore. Jessica unexpectedly takes the lead – because it’s a matter of life and death. Only cohesion can save the day.




German (little English)

Run Time

84 minutes


Josefina Vilsmaier (ALNIA)
Mirijam Verena Jeremic (CHRISTA)
Salber Williams (JESSICA)
Silke Popp (LUCY)
Valentina Sauca (MELISSA)
Ute Bronder (FR. HARTMAIER)

Directed by

Brigitte Drodtloff

Written by

Jörg Schnitger

Produced by

Brigitte Drodtloff

Edited by

Corina Dietz-Heyne


Anne Nikitin
Tom Kelly


Frank Glencairn

Director's Statement

When I started writing the script, I was looking for a producer to help me with the shooting. I received a shocking statement: Who wants to see a film with so many women? So I produced it independently and now I get reactions like: Wow! Women can be funny, dramatic, crazy, emotional, exciting – they can actually be all of those things together.
Being a woman today is a tightrope walk between defending rights, gender and quota discussions, working off clichés and the romantic longing for the self-evidence of simply being a woman. This happens to us constantly in the here and now. Women will only be able to escape this vicious circle when equality no longer has to be questioned, when it is taken for granted that women are paid equally and they do not have to fear being sexually insulted, persecuted or even physically attacked. They are on a good path – in our western world (!) – but still a long way from reaching their goal. To make matters worse, women too often envy and criticize each other, forgetting to stick together.
That’s why – and for all of them – we made this film. It is a tribute to the power and wonderful complexity of women. At the same time, it’s a reminder that sometimes women can and must let go and still – in the end – stick together.

Director's Bio

BRIGITTE DRODTLOFF hosted the German-language children’s programme on Romanian television for seven years and graduated from the renowned Film and Theatre Academy IATC in Bucharest. Since moving to Germany, she has worked as a successful screenwriter, casting director, script editor, producer and manager of international cultural events. She wrote several serials, TV-features and worked as a successful director for theater plays. Her short film, “Human” (OMUL) was awarded the rating “Especially Valuable” by the German Film Rating Board, invited to 47 international film festivals and has received six international awards. Her historical feature film “Marie, Queen of Romania” (screenplay and co-director) became the biggest audience success in Romania in 2019. In 2020 she wrote, directed and produced the present film project LOS(GE)LASSEN. She is in the board of the German Screen Writers Guilt VDD.
” Ion – no man for one night” (ARD) – Romantic Comedy
Tatort – Mietsache” (ARD)
“The wrong victime” (ZDF & ARTE), Psychothriller,
180 episodes – “Sturm der Liebe” (ARD) script-editor and dialogue writer
185 episodes – Marienhof” (ARD) script-editor and dialogue writer
235 episodes “Herzflimmern” (ZDF) head-writer and dialogue writer
“Chopin’s Wunderkind” – historical feature film in progress, FFA funding
“Queen Marie of Romania”- historical feature film
13 episodes / I. season VLAD, TV series for ProTV / Romania, – head writer

“OMUL”, short film, script, direction, production, 47 International Film Festivals, 6 International Awards
“Queen Marie of Romania” – feature film, international co-production, historical film based on a true story / co-direction
“LOS(GE)LASSEN”, independent feature film, dramedy, screenplay, direction, production

Production Year


Official Website


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