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Synopsis: It’s WWII, and an American Soldier who is about to be discharged from the war suddenly finds himself wounded in a mysterious hideout with a young German girl who speaks no English.





Run Time

26 minutes


Eliza Morton (Ilsa Jäger)
John Potvin (Lt. Theodore Richardson)
Maximillian Simonelli (Crp. Jonathan Nelson)

Directed by

Sophia Ciampaglia

Executive Producer

Anthony Denham

Edited by

Isabella Berardi


Owen King

Director's Statement

My Friend The Collector is a film set in WWII, but I didn’t want it to be a typical ‘war-movie.’ The concept that inspired me to write it was, anything can happen in a day—I feel this is especially true for our soldiers out in the field. War is so vast, and it is hard for us civilians to recognize the amount of sacrifice and strife our men and women in the military go through on a typical basis. I wanted to dive into that with this script, writing about an unusual story where two enemies find themselves within each other’s midst, but recognize they are truly no threat to each other at all. What happens if enemies find friendship with one another? I like to wonder if that has occasionally happened within times of such division and brutality. This stems into the concept that we are all human, we all have sin, yet we all have our own strive to do our own good. Thus, being able to possibly overcome differences and band together in the same hope.

Choice is a constant factor in wartime, and it determines which decisions lead to life or death. What happens when war is chosen over family? Or vice versa? The inner turmoil of these characters explore that, and the consequences of their past and present decisions. That is why I wanted to keep the entire story situated within the span of one days’ time. We all have moments where a whole times worth of choices, emotions, etc are just uncovered out all at once—which leads to an indefinite life change. I as I write scripts, this concept appears every time. Personally I am enamored with the idea that each little decision can accumulate to significantly alter someone’s life (and other’s as well). In addition to that, the dual nature of an individual; a sinful being, but at the core compassion still lays. In the darkest of times, a friendship can still bloom, and hope can still overcome. But life has its own plans, and truly, anything can happen in a day….

Director's Bio

Sophia is a recent film/video graduate from Boston MA, where she has learned that her passions lie with pre-production and development. After finishing her remote internship for Circle of Confusion, she went on to work on a proof of concept adapted from actress/writer Khara Campbell’s bestselling novel SEAHORSE as director and producer. She is a member of Women in Film New England and a current volunteer for their 2021 screenplay competition. Going forward, she is excited to learn more about the script to screen process, and how she can apply her love of storytelling to develop entertaining and meaningful content for the Industry.

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