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Synopsis: Real Fur is an eye-opening investigative documentary about the true cost of the fur farming industry in Canada. It follows the journey of director Taimoor Choudhry as he transforms from being an uninformed consumer to a passionate activist through interviews with animal rights leaders, changemakers, fashion experts, lawyers, politicians, and celebrities in an effort to make real change.



Run Time

89 minutes


Tim Gunn
Alissa White-Gluz
Dan Starr
Camille Labchuk
Lesley Fox
Ingrid Newkirk

Directed by

Taimoor Choudhry

Written by

Gillian Darling

Edited by

Kelly Morris


Michael McEvoy

Director's Statement

In the years I have spent educating myself as an activist, I have witnessed that animals used for the sake of fashion live and die in some of the most horrific inhumane conditions including living in cramped, filthy cagesThrough this film, I hope to shine a spotlight on this issue and inspire change.
Real Fur started as a student film, but I wondered how do I empower people to make the change within themselves and choose not to use farmed fur? I came to the conclusion that in order to be impactful I needed to turn this project into a feature length film and include powerful interviews with experts in law, politics, fashion, non-profit sector and more. I began my journey as an uninformed consumer and found myself working alongside Canadian politician, M.P. Nathaniel Erskine-Smith and animal rights lawyer Camille Labchuk, to introduce a federal bill to ban fur farms.
Through my personal journey I hope to inspire viewers to become more conscious consumers. I take them through interviews with amazing people who have dedicated their lives to fighting for animal rights. They have inspired me to make that change and to keep persevering – to be a voice of the voiceless, the voice of our furry friends.

Director's Bio

For years, Taimoor Choudhry as one of the top jewelry designers in Pakistan led a life of glamour and extravagance –rubbing elbows with celebrities, fashionistas and the elite as he grew his family’s diamond and gold jewelry empire in Pakistan. His passions and priorities took a dramatic turn after witnessing animal cruelty in a cattle market. That moment changed him forever and he knew that he had to do something – it became his mission to raise awareness through the art of documentary film. After moving to Canada to pursue a film degree, he was shocked to learn that the animal exploitation he thought he’d left behind in Pakistan was very much present in his new home! In response to this, Taimoor founded Arise Productions and has dedicated the past five years to making change though cinema and his films.

Production Year


Official Website



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