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Synopsis: Leanne begins writing about her childhood but her brother Jamie calls and says his wife just left him and he’s suicidal. He asks Leanne to come stay with him at their childhood home and to bring their sister Polly along.

Leanne tells her husband she’s going to visit her brother and he tells her that he’ll be busy at work if she calls while she’s gone but that their own oldest child can take care of her younger siblings. She leaves. Leanne calls her youngest sister Polly as she drives to Jamie’s and asks her if she’s coming. They argue about Jamie being childish and Leanne convinces Polly to ride with her. Leanne then picks up Polly and they argue about their bad choices in relationships. Leanne runs over an armadillo with the car and begins to cry about it. The check engine light comes on and the car breaks down as they pull up to Jamie’s house/their childhood home.

Leanne and Polly search the house for jamie and find him stuck in the bathroom trying to fix a toilet that is clogged with his dead pet bird Fanny. Jamie throws himself on his bed and tells his sisters about his breakup. Leanne tries to console Jamie and Polly agrees with his estranged wife. Leanne tells Jamie to take a nap and that she and Polly will clean up the house and make dinner. Jamie goes to sleep and the sisters go begin cleaning. Polly finds a picture of their mother and she discusses it with Leanne. They smell something rotten and open a door.

The eat dinner and begin to argue like children. They all go to sleep angry and have weird dreams.





Run Time

89 minutes


Mary Buss (Leanne)
Cate Jones (Polly)
Mickey Reece (Jamie)

Produced by

Kelley Gann

Executive Producer

Beth Alonso


Jacob Burns

Director's Statement

I want to express dreams and experiences in the search of both an audience that can relate, and a new form.

Director's Bio

Cate Jones is an award winning actress and indie auteur living in Oklahoma City. Born and raised in Lawton, Oklahoma (a city known for high crime, meth, and an Army base) she left town as soon as she graduated highschool. She joined the Air Force to pay for college and served traveling for 6 years before returning to acting in 2014. She studied Film Production and Painting at the Savannah College of Art and Design for a year while pursuing acting in Atlanta before returning to Oklahoma to make her own Indie Arthouse films.

Production Year


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