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Synopsis: 1. Bad Dog / Erin Malfi / USA / Animation / 2 minutes
“A motorcycle riding dog must compete with the Grim Reaper to save his soul.”
2. Citified / Guy Noffsinger / USA / Comedy / 40 minutes
” Napoleon Dynamite meets The Big Lebowski”
3. Enter the Room / Harry Waldman / USA / Made in Illinois / 15 minutes
” Two brothers, polar opposite personalities, clash, but with a twist.”
4. Ukrainians in Exile: Trains from Ukraine / Jack Ambros / Ukraine / Foreign Language / 5 minutes
” A woman in Ukraine tells her story and of the hopes she has that other countries will help.”
5. The Street Photographer / Benjamin Templar / USA / Drama / 26 minutes
” Your portrait is free. Tell me why.”
6. The Last Snow / Shayan Naghibi / Iran / Experimental / 4 minutes
“Everything can disappear, like the fall of the last snowflake.”
7. Resurrection Under the Ocean / Serkan Aktas / Turkey / Experimental / 3 minutes
” The resurrection of a man who was helplessly sinking to the bottom of the ocean.”
8. Hancock County Courthouse / Colin Weber / USA / Young Student (10 yrs) / 5 minutes
“Short documentary about the County Courthouse located in Carthage, Illinois.”


English, Ukrainian

Run Time

100 minutes

Director's Statement

1. BAD DOG / none provided
2. CITIFIED / “Citified is a heartwarming story about following your dreams, finding love, and staying true to yourself. It’s also a reminder that success isn’t just about achieving your goals but also about the journey you take to get there.”
3. ENTER THE ROOM / “Filmmaking is my ultimate passion. I created “Enter the Room” in order to highlight the tension and animosity between two siblings stemming from a past traumatic event, and to convey how much someone can change from being the victim of unfortunate circumstances. While I love telling bold narratives that push their characters to the brink of insanity, I also do my best to cover universal themes that most can identify with.”
4. UKRAINIANS IN EXILE: TRAINS FROM UKRAINE / “Two time Oscar winner Janusz Kaminski presents Potyahz z Ukrayiny – a woman in Ukraine tells us her story and the hopes she has of other countries taking care of those who were forced to leave her country.”
5. THE STREET PHOTOGRAPHER / “Life is a picture to be taken.”
6. THE LAST SNOW / “I have made short animations in the past and I am influenced by great directors like Bergman and Andy Warhol. I believe cinema means entertainment and impact, this is a minimal short film I made this short film in a Maquette decor from my stop motion short films.
I tried to make a film without actors and without music, to tell my story within limits.”
7. RESURRECTION UNDER THE OCEAN / “”Resurrection Under the Ocean” depicts the resurrection of humanity in the darkest place of the ocean in a symbolic way through a helpless character. The film’s metaphorical narrative style and its use of fictional and formal elements aim to bring a different-unique approach to cinema. It offers a visual feast with the harmony of music and choreography.
In the deepest part of the ocean, death is tried to be portrayed in the dark. Then, the pain of resurrection, which begins with the sound of a whale symbolizing vitality, is completed when the character comes to the surface of the sea. I can say that with the film “Resurrection Under the Ocean”, it is a film that develops the tendency of other films I have made to benefit from tradition, this time in a different form and framework.”
8. HANCOCK COUNTY COURTHOUSE / “I was presented with the opportunity to make a short documentary with a retired judge from Hancock County, IL. My mother works in the historical courthouse and suggested that a documentary would make an excellent 4-H project.”

Director's Bio

1. BAD DOG / none provided
2. CITIFIED / none provided
3. ENTER THE ROOM / “I am a passionate filmmaker who has been watching movies since as long as I can remember. Some of my favorite films include “Memento”, “The Dark Knight”, The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, “Alien”, etc. I have seen over 8,000 films and am as crazy about movies as any individual you will ever meet. I studied Business at Ithaca College and ironically figured out my passion right as I was graduating. I have worked on a number of various films and have written, directed, and edited “515”, “Enter the Room”, “In the Backseat”, “Bay For Blood” and “The Corridor Crossing”. I also have a few more projects in the pre-production stage.
4. UKRAINIANS IN EXILE: TRAINS FROM UKRAINE / “Janek Ambros is a writer/producer/director and founder of Assembly Line Entertainment, a financing and production company formed in 2012 that has produced over a dozen films ranging from narrative films that have premiered at festivals such as Venice, Sundance and TIFF to documentaries and experimental films from around the globe.

Notable films as producer include “Monica” which was nominated for the Golden Lion at the 2022 Venice Film Festival and won the ARCA CinemaGiovani Award, “Human Capital” starring Liev Shrieber and Marisa Tomei and “Ten Thousand Saints” starring Ethan Hawke and Hailee Steinfeld.”
5. THE STREET PHOTOGRAPHER / “Ben directed three films: ‘Patients’ (2012), ‘I ForKill Ya’ (2018) and ‘The Street Photographer’ (2023). He is better known for his portrayal of Manny DiStefano in the 2021 international acclaimed feature film ‘Plaga Zombie: American Invasion’ found on Amazon Prime and Amazon (Blu-ray).”
6. THE LAST SNOW / “My name’s shayan naghibi, 22 years old, director of short animations “The Look and “The Hands”. “When Cotard comes” is my first short film.”
7. RESURRECTION UNDER THE OCEAN / “Name and Surname : Serkan AKTAŞ Birth Date : 04.12.1989
Place of Birth : Istanbul/ Turkey EDUCATION: University-1 : Anadolu University Faculty of Business Administration Department of Business Administration (2008-2013) University-2 : Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Science Department of Mathematics (2009-2014) Certificate : Istanbul Cinema Academy Film School (2015-2016) Master Degree : Beykent University Institute of Social Sciences, Film and TV Master of Arts (2015 – 2017) Doctorate Degree : Beykent University Institute of Graduate Studies, Film and TV, Doctor of Arts (2017 – 2022)
Mirrorty (2017) (Short Film)
Resurrection under the Ocean (2021) (Short Film)
The Librarian (2022) (Short Film)
The Death Ox (2022) (Short Film)
Lucky Coin ! (2022) (Short Film)”
8. HANCOCK COUNTY COURTHOUSE / “Colin Weber is a 10 year old Hancock County, Illinois native who lives with his parents, sister, and dog (Sophia). When he’s not shooting youtube videos with his friends, you’ll find him on the golf course for the Carthage Middle School golf team, playing the piano, or playing the euphonium for the middle school band.”

Production Year


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