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Synopsis: HENRY KINCAID built his fortune as a bourbon distiller. He’s waiting for his date to arrive, the first date in a very long time, when one of the waiters spills a drink on Henry. As he screams at the waiter, Henry is reminded of his estranged son GERALD, who became addicted to the product that built his fortune. As he’s trying to shake the awful memory, ADRIANNA CAMPBELL shows up. Henry must compose himself.

Henry and Adrianna both sit and get to know each other. When she asks if he has any kids Henry lies. Later though a drunk friend of Henry’s shows up and lets the cat out of the bag. Henry comes clean and tells Adrianna that his son was an embarrassment and he doesn’t know where he could be now. Adrianna sees the pain Henry is trying to mask. She tells him that money doesn’t protect against addiction and that he should try to find him, noting that her sister became addicted to Oxycontin and disappeared.

The date goes well, Adrianna invites Henry back to her place. The next morning Henry’s Bentley is dead, so they walk to the hardware store for jumper cables. As they’re walking through the store he catches a glimpse of his son Gerald. Meanwhile a radio interview of a grieving mother plays on the store’s speakers. Henry looks back at the hardware store clerk but it’s not Gerald. Adrianna takes his hand and they leave while the fate of Gerald Kincaid is told in parallel on the radio.


Not Rated, alcohol abuse



Run Time

12 minutes


Michael Quinlan (Henry Kincaid)
Dara Adler (Adrianna)
David Pridemore (Muggsy)
Joseph Ramah (Kevin)
Tait Ruppert (Sam)

Directed by

Robert Maisano

Written by

Rio Contrada
Robert Maisano

Produced by

Peter Horgan


Mike Hechenova

Director's Statement

I directed this film, Spirits, because the original short story I wrote needed to be told in flesh and blood. I grew up watching addiction infect my town. Families would use their wealth to mask open secrets. It was when I saw a father not recognize his own son in a hardware store where the story of Spirits came to life.

The main character in the film, Henry, is trying to forget about the ghosts of his past. All he wants is one night— one night, to have a simple date. But no matter how much wealth and power one has, these spirits will never vanish.

Director's Bio

Robert Maisano is a writer and filmmaker based in New York City. He’s written for The Motley Fool, Business Insider, Thrive Global, among others. Robert created content in-house at J.P. Morgan Chase and Franklin Templeton Investments where he turned complex topics into simplified stories.

Robert taught himself filmmaking by getting out in the field with whatever gear he could find. From 8mm cassette tapes to iPhones he got his feel for the moving image.

This is his first film. It’s based off of a short story he wrote which strikes at the heart of issues involving addiction, estrangement and how wealth cannot mask it.


Montreal Independent Film Festival - Canada - 2020


The Hollywood First Time Filmmaker Showcase - United States - 2020


Production Year


Official Website



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