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Synopsis: Live Panel – Zoom
July 28, 2021
12:00 PM EST

Zoom Link (click on the title of the panel below to go to the live panel):

The Dark Side of Dialysis

This panel will discuss the failure of the dialysis system. Dialysis is a required medical procedure for individuals with a kidney that is not functioning properly. Dialysis removes waste products and excess fluid from the blood. The process involves diverting blood to a machine to be cleansed. In essence, every human being needs water to survive. Dialysis is a kidney patient drink of water. We will allow our panelists to enlighten you to the shortcomings they have experienced during their dialysis process. Dialysis Advocates and Associates, INC. will discuss advocating for all patients to receive equitable healthcare. Dialysis Advocates and Associates have observed the shortcoming in regulations allows a defect in treatment. The trickle-down effect does work after all.

Mr. William Summers
Mr. Justin Evans
Mr. Gerald Thompson
Mrs Sherry Thompson
Ms. Arlene Mullin

Director's Bio

Mr. William Summers
Chief Executive Officer – Dialysis Advocates and Associates, INC.

Founder & President TEAM -PEO LLC (1997 – 2020)

Mr. Justin Evans
Justin Evans is an artist from town Columbus, Mississippi. Justin expressed his love for the arts at an early age. In high school Justin explored his love for dance and joined his high school dance team.
After graduating, Justin moved to Atlanta where he began dancing with Atlanta’s Total Dance Company. With Total Dance he studied Ballet, Jazz, Hip-hop, Mojah, West African Dance, and Modern/Horton. Dance. Performing became Justin’s passion. He also trained with Extreme Tumbling Training Center. Within a year reached level 9 in tumbling and became Georgia’s State and Regional Champion. In his second year, he trained with All World gymnastics in Warren, MI.

Justin recent work includes being a stunt double for comedian actor Kevin Hart. He has appeared in the Netflix series Stranger Things, Black and Blue, and many other movies and TV shows. In 2012 Justin survived a horrible cruise crash on the Costa Concordia Carnival ship. Shortly afterward, he experienced kidney failure and his life changed drastically. Justin advocates for the International Cruise Association. He also advocates for dialysis patients. In his hardest times he found that his voice was his strongest weapon. Justin believes that anything is possible. Justin also seek justice and freedom for everyone. With hard work, perseverance, and the Lord on my side I continue to reach for the stars.

Mr. Gerald Thompson
Gerald Thompson is a former home dialysis patient at Satellite Healthcare in Memphis, TN. I was terminated ( taken off dialysis) because I inquired about the care that I was receiving. My private insurance (Cigna) was being billed $40 – $60K monthly. I rarely had access to my nurse, never had home visits, or any other assistance from Satellite Healthcare. When they terminated me they also blacklisted me so no other center would accept me. I was left to die.

Mrs Sherry Thompson
Sherry Thompson is the wife of 25 years to Gerald Thompson. I am a USAF veteran, and currently a 911 Emergency Medical Dispatcher. Unfortunately, I had to witness my husband literally dying in front of me due to Satellite terminating him. The mental anguish knowing that for at least 12 hours a day. I was saving lives but was helpless trying to save my own husband. I watched the mental, physical, and medical changes he went through during the holidays, not knowing if he would live to see another. It was unbearable. Satellite Healthcare was playing god. If I had not found Dialysis Advocates (Arlene Mullin) my husband would be dead.

Ms. Arlene Mullin
Chief Operations Officer – Dialysis Advocates and Associates, INC.

Arlene Mullin has 23 years of advocating for dialysis patients. She has witness the corruption in the dialysis industry. The corruption is creating serious life and death issues. Arlene receive calls daily to offset what we call the dark side of dialysis.

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