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Synopsis: As the world reels from the effects of COVID-19, this story offers real hope to those suffering from the other overwhelming universal plague … Addiction.

“The Final Fix” is an unflinching investigation into a little-known treatment for substance abuse, N.E.T. (Neuro Electric Therapy). Invented by Scottish surgeon, Dr. Meg Patterson, MBE, 45 years ago, N.E.T. is a non-pharmaceutical, safe and inexpensive device that claims to take people off of their drugs of choice in 5-7 days, with minimal discomfort (no cold turkey) and no future cravings. It’s an astonishing claim, but what if it were true? Why has this device been shunned by the medical establishments for all these years when it could actually be a complete game-changer in the world of addiction?

This compelling film explores the history of N.E.T. and follows five, long-term, chronic substance abusers on a remarkable journey as they undertake a trial of the treatment in Kentucky USA. Will it work? Could they really be drug-free within a week with no cold turkey? And if so … will it last?


Not Rated



Run Time

93 minutes


Ewan McGregor (Narrator)

Directed by

Norman Stone
Tim Neeves

Director's Statement

“The Final Fix” explores the story of a revolutionary treatment for addictions, with even more revolutionary claims. If it is possible to get off your drug(s) of addiction in 5-7 days, with minimal discomfort, and no more cravings, ever, then why has this pharmacy-free method not been recognised and embraced by those at the top of our current ‘Addiction Industry?’ More important still … Does this treatment really work? In this fascinating film we find out.

Prepare for surprises. This could change everything!

Director's Bio

Norman Stone is a highly acclaimed, multi-award winning TV and Film Director/Producer of Drama and Documentary films. He has 2 Emmys, 2 BAFTAs and numbers other accolades. Norman is CEO of Scottish-based independent Film & TV company, 1A Productions and, after 47 years of filmmaking, he feels “The Final Fix” is the most important film he has ever made.

Tim Neeves is a gifted music composer who has adapted his creativity into the art of visual storytelling. Working with leading brands such as National Geographic, World Vision, ITV and NBC, Tim has 17 years’ experience producing/directing on the international stage. In 2002 he set up the production company Prospect Arts, with offices in both the UK and the USA.


Lonely Wolf London International Film Festival, 2020 - United Kingdom - 2020

Winner - Best Documentary (1A Productions and Prospect Arts)

Lonely Wolf International Film Festival, 2020 - United Kingdom - 2020

Winner - Best Director, Documentary (Norman Stone and Tim Neeves)

Accolade Global Film Competition - United Kingdom - 2020

Documentary - Award of Excellence - Special Mention (1A Productions and Prospect Arts)


“WOW that is a stunning doc and such a compelling story. It’s a beautifully made film, and the subjects are captivating...”
“We were all blown away by NET... the results are almost unbelievable.
We were also moved by the film, and the characters that you selected to guide viewers through this story”.
- Kristi Whisler, Participant Media

“A documentary on one of the most relevant issues of our day... It’s something that is sure to cause a stir.” - Frank Radice – ABC Documentary Producer and Consultant, ABC

“I am sorry to be so nuts, but I really think there is something HUGE here.” - Bumble Ward - Film Publicist, Hive Collection

"The film and the treatment claims are both amazing!" - Bob Berney, Amazon Prime/CEO Picture House Films

"It looks terrific. I know you will find a good home for this film." - Amy Entelis, Executive VP, CNN Films

Production Year


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