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Synopsis: A maid arrives at a secluded estate to clean. Standing at the door, the Maid receives a text from the owners instructing her that they are not home and that she should not bother cleaning the children’s rooms. She also suddenly has a bloody nose. When she enters the house she discovers a disgusting mess. As she cleans, she begins to feel like she isn’t alone in the house. She continues to clean until she discovers something disturbing in the bathroom. Finally, listening to her intuition, she decides to leave without being paid. But when she gets to her car, she discovers her keys and her phone are missing. Searching through the house to find her phone and keys, the Maid hears sounds that make her uneasy and then discovers her car is no longer in the driveway. The Maid now knows she may be in danger. As she tries to escape, she is confronted by the evil that has been watching her the entire time she has been in the house.





Run Time

13 minutes


Frida Mercury (The Maid)
Danielle Reddick (The Other Maid)
Theo Kutsko (Child 1)
Coco Goodman (Child 2)
Alex Kutsko (Child 3)

Directed by

Kristin Goodman

Written by

Kristin Goodman

Produced by

Deborah Wakshull
Alexandra Renzo

Executive Producer

Caleb Silver

Edited by

Annie Jaynes

Production Designer

RAA Aranico-Parrain


Jannis Schelenz

Director's Statement

The Maid is a dark look into the vulnerable situations that domestic working women are forced into, sacrificing their dignity, their safety, and in many cases their lives, in order to make enough money to survive in a world that regards them as replaceable. The film also reflects on the social conditioning of women to second guess their intuition, which oftentimes leads women to ignore and repress the red flags that pop up when danger is lurking.

Director's Bio

Kristin Goodman is an award-winning director, screenwriter, and playwright, honored at numerous festivals including: Berlin Independent Film Festival 2022, Cannes Short Film Festival 2022, Toronto International Women Film Festival 2022, Los Angeles Women Film Awards 2021, Chicago REELS Short Fest 2021, The Screencraft Film Fund, Screencraft Feature Drama Screenplay, Best One Hour Pilot The Nashville Film Festival, The Austin Film Festival, The New York Screenwriting Contest, and many more. Kristin wrote for the Emmy Winning web series Dropping The Soap, and was the director of the national and regional live comedy show The Pump and Dump Show featured on The Today Show and in People Magazine. Kristin’s newest dark comedy stage play, #UnderTheInfluence, made its world premiere at the historic The Santa Fe Playhouse in December of 2021.

Production Year


Official Website



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