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Synopsis: They couldn’t be more different: Tilly, Queen of pranks, Sophie, a sporty Tomboy, Lilia who loves to experiment with make up and styling and Marla, who’s always with her nose in a book. All four have been sent to a forest camp by their parents, to find new friends. They’re four quite different loners, who happen to be in the same camp and at first don’t really know what to do with each other.
Finally during the big adventure parcours they start discovering each other’s strengths. But the parcours isn’t the only obstacle: apparently a Waldschrat lives in the forest. A mystical creature, a shapeshifter, who lives in the deep woods and stubbornly, defends its territory. Only the bravest of the brave manage to get past it. „Nonsense“ the girls think at first. But maybe there’s some truth about it after all?





Run Time

15 minutes


Janka Horakova (Corinna)
Lola Du Bled Michels (Tilly)
May Fischer (Sophie)
Amy Fürstenfeld (Lilia)
Eda Jülide Sari (Marla)

Directed by

Lydia Bruna

Written by

Lydia Bruna

Edited by

Jannis Greff


Maxi Menot

Production Designer

Linda Bruna


Clemens Majunke

Director's Statement

When writing and directing “The Wolfpack” I wanted to create a memorable cool gang of kids, with characters we can all see ourselves somehow represented in. It’s a story about friendship and bravery, about discovering each others strengths and weaknesses. I think nothing can bring us as close together as sharing our fears and secrets. And nothing feels as strong and exhilarating as overcoming them together. “The Wolfpack” is as much fun and adventure as I could fit into 15 Minutes. I hope you enjoy it.

Director's Bio

Lydia is an award winning director and writer from Saarland, in
the south west of Germany.
Her first TV-Productions as director and author emerged from a
cooperation of European Broadcast Union, the BBC and ARD, the main German Public Channel. The
award winning children short films “Spin the Bottle” (2016), “Little
Heroes” (2017), ”Isabels treasure” (2018) “Grandmas secret”(2019) and “The Wolfpack”(2020) are part of the EBU Childrens Drama Exchange. They are screened on TV on BBC, ARD, Kika and more then six other countries and channels. Beforehand they run on national and international festivals.

2020 Lydia directed 8 episodes of the well known German Kids TV-Show “Schloss Einstein”.
2021 she returned to “Schloss Einstein” for 4 more Episodes and is also currently working on 4 Episodes for the Kids Detective-Series “The Peppercorns”.
Besides that she develops a post-apocalyptic children- and youth series with the title “Rust City” and her first feature comedy “Knock Knock”.

Production Year


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