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Synopsis: At the age of 30 and with a young daughter, Amber Evans is forced to start over after she builds
up the courage to leave her husband and the only life she’s ever known. As she struggles to find
her way, she meets Logan, a free spirited musician with a kind heart who lends an ear to
Amber's situation. What starts out as a close friendship however, quickly evolves into an
unexpected romance. Now, Amber must come to terms with this new identity, amidst the turmoil
of a divorce, before she loses the person that she loves. Will she cave under pressure, or can
she overcome her fears before it destroys her relationship?
“Walk With Me” explores what it means to be a woman, a mother, a daughter and a lover, and
shows how we embrace and reject who we are, and how we eventually learn to stand tall in our
own shoes.





Run Time

112 minutes


Devin Dunne Cannon (Amber Evans)
Bridget Barkan (Logan Pierce)
Catrina Ganey (Sol)
Daniel Fox (Ethan)
Nikki James Riley (Grace Evans)
Malachy Cleary (Michael Evans)

Directed by

Isabel del Rosal

Written by

Isabel del Rosal

Produced by

Panita Chanrasmi-LeFebvre

Edited by

Isabel del Rosal


Amanda Walther


Yura Makarov

Director's Statement

I wanted to make a film that spoke to what it means to be a woman – motherhood, marriage,
family dynamic, career, sexuality and how we balance all of these things. Ultimately the theme
is about stepping in to your life, figuring out what you want, who you are and stepping into that
with ownership, dignity and joy. That being said, I hope that the takeaway is that people reflect
on their own lives and notice what wants they have that they are ignoring, who they really are
and how to realize their own dreams.

Another component that cannot be ignored is the acceptance and rejection of self on all levels,
the most obvious in this story is sexuality (despite all characters being challenged with their own
limitations). Because this film is so intimate, I would hope that viewers could either identify with
Amber and find courage through her words, her trepidation and process of growth, and for
viewers to look within and grow utilizing any newfound awareness they might garner from the
story and characters in Walk With Me.
I did not set out to make a queer film. “Walk With Me” is just a love story about a woman finding
love and connection in another woman…. 'love is love' and this film portrays that in the simplest
and most honest way.

As the synchronicity of life would have it, this film about womanhood ended up being made with
a mostly female crew and a handful of lovely, sensitive men who share a deep respect for
women. I honestly didn’t notice this until the first day of photography when Bridget
complimented the warm and synergistic energy on our set and attributed that to the ‘matriarchal
leadership’ of myself and Panita. The making of this film, working closely with these incredible
humans, has been one of the most rewarding and unforgettable experiences of my life, a
sentiment that was shared by everyone on set and I know is seen and reflected in this film.

Director's Bio

Isabel del Rosal is a writer, director and editor who after making two short films, took some time
off to raise and homeschool her children. Isabel runs her own business creating video content
for entrepreneurs, small and large businesses alike. After finding a balance between her
personal and professional life, she wrote and directed two seasons of the comedic web series
“Smile for the Camera”. “Walk With Me” is her debut feature film and labor of love. While
currently in post-production with Walk With Me, Isabel is writing her next feature script, SEEN, a ghost
story about second chances. SEEN has has been selected as Honorable Mention at Athen’s International Film Festival, Quarter-finalist at Flickers Rhode Island Film Festival and Semi-finalist at Lady Filmmakers Film Festival.

Production Year


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