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Synopsis: On the morning of battle, the warrior watches the mist rise as an anthem instrumental sound awakens the warrior spirit within, drawing strength from his people to go forth and be victorious.




English - Instrumental

Run Time

4 minutes


Alena Murang
Joshua Maran
Herman Ramanado
Jimmy Chong

Directed by

Sarah Lois Dorai

Executive Producer

Fabian Wilfred Joseph
Alena Murang

Edited by

Sarah Lois Dorai


Joshua Maran


Fabian Wilfred Joseph

Director's Statement

The indigenous peoples of Borneo are descended from Warriors.

As the world progresses and its people moving away from their land into the cities, they have since been subjected to who the outside world claim they are.

Warrior Spirit is a visual statement of culture and identity of the indigenous tribes of Borneo from voices of indigenous peoples themselves.

The soft and gentle movement juxtaposes against the concept of a fighting warrior to culturally put into context who we are as a people. Though ancestrally descended from headhunting warriors, and have long since moved past that practice, we still carry within us that unbreakable fighting spirit. This is my take to what a warrior spirit can look like today: gentleness. It isn’t always a rah-rah cry that charges into battle. It sometimes is a quiet determination and deep rooted conviction that keeps the flame alive in us.

The large number of dancers pays homage to the traditional practice of mass dancing and to metaphorically reflect the strength that is found in community, which is central to indigenous people groups.

This instrumental track serves as an anthem to not just remind us of who we are as a people but like the warriors of old, awaken the warrior spirit within and rise up to be all that we were meant to be.

Director's Bio

Sarah Lois Dorai is a film director based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, who finds joy in developing ideas & crafting films so that it is communicated not just creatively but effectively. She channels her love for fashion & dance into her films that has recently won her the Styling award at the BAMV Fest 2020. Her Kelabit heritage ( an indigenous bornean people group in Malaysia) has been a great influence in her choice of work to amplify the voice and identity of the indigenous people of this generation and is convinced that films are not only tools for entertainment but have the power to heal.

Production Year


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